How to Plan the Perfect Party

How to Plan the Perfect Party


We all love a party. We love the food, the wine, the music and the company. Preparations are a different matter. It all seems exciting at first but very soon it can become an overwhelming task. The following tips should help you through the process. Follow these simple steps to plan the perfect party and make it all look effortless.

Make a Plan

It’s all in the planning. A written plan will guide you through the process. It is a place where you can jot down all of your ideas. Start with a list. Some people call this a brain dump. Get all of your ideas out of your head and onto paper. Once it’s all written down, you can separate out tasks and ideas and start to put them into order. Place dates and times next to each task and the person who will be responsible for this item.

Keep your plan handy so that you can add to it as things occur to you.


Draft in friends to help with the preparations. Get them all together and allocate task to each person. Make sure they’re aware of when everything has to be completed. This will cut down your to-do list significantly. It will also make the process a lot more fun.

Establish a Theme

If your party has a theme, it is important to establish this first. Your theme will impact on everything from décor and food to outfit choices. General themes work well as they offer a lot of scope for creativity and are not too restrictive. Examples include ‘sparkle and dazzle’, ‘black and white’, ‘vintage glamour’ etc.

Specific themes also work well, particularly if your friends share similar interests. Think creatively and remember to allow some flexibility. A good example is manga and anime. Imagine your friends dressed up as their favourite character or in a cute Sailor Moon costume.

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Party Food

Decide on food ahead of time. Will this be a few nibbles or something more elaborate? Allow yourself enough time to shop for and prepare the food. Look for examples of party food recipes. If this is a step too far then buy pre-prepared party food from your local supermarket. Try to fit this in with your overall party theme.


Once you have established a theme, the décor should be easier to plan. Look for online examples. Pinterest is a rich source of design inspiration. Depending on budget and time, you can decide on handmade versus shop bought.

Don’t Forget Your Own Outfit

All of this planning can get in the way of your own preparations. Don’t forget to leave time to plan your own outfit and makeup.

Planning a party can be time-consuming and stressful at times. It can also be exciting and incredibly rewarding. Try to remember this if it suddenly feels overwhelming. Try not to focus too much on the detail. Most of your guests won’t even notice. Plan ahead as much as possible and when the day arrives, make sure you have fun.

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