How To Plan The Perfect Hen Do


It’s coming up to your best friend’s wedding day, and that can mean only one thing: it’s time to throw them their once-in-a-lifetime hen do. Whether you’re going to gather all the pals together in one boisterous group, or you’re planning on curating a smaller group to go and do a whole host of fun and frenzied activities, this article will guide you through the planning stage. The best hen dos are those that are planned to the minuteso that there’s no waiting around – so get your notepad and pen and get scribbling.


 The first thing you’re going to want to do is makesure all the important friends have their calendar clear for the dates during which you’ll be on the do. Try and coordinate and be nice and blasé with the bride-to-be when asking her to keep the weekend in question free. Once you’ve got enough RSVPs, you’ll be able to start pooling ideas from the bride’s best friends – essentially, you’ll be able to begin planning the full works, whether that be a huge night out on the town, or a more sedate weekend away at a spa.


 It’s common knowledge that nine times out of ten, someone in the hen or stag organising committee lets the plans slip in one way or another to the guest of honour. This is your biggest task in the planning process: to be in the minority of hen dos that actually keep everything a secret. Make sure your planning conversations are happening without the bride-to-be at all likely to stumble upon them and, if necessary, keep plans secret until the last minute so that blabbermouths don’t get wind of them.


 Every group of girls is different, and every hen do hasits own unique twist. Will you plan a skydive for the lucky lady? Or perhaps a horse trek for the weekend? Maybe you’d like to hit up London with the girls, acting like divas in a limousine and attending some of the top tourist attractions in London with VIP tickets in hand. Even if you’re just planning on drinks, music andparty food at one of your houses, make sure that there’s something memorable planned so that your bride-to-be always remembers that ‘last night of freedom’with warmth and love.


 The best hen dos really emphasise the surprises that the lucky lady is due. It’s not necessarily about the venue you’re going to; it’s the fact you’ve organised a private booth (and, who knows, a private male dancer). It’s not the fact you’re heading into the heart of London for the night; it’s the fact that you’re heading there in an incredible stretch limousine complete with a dazzling interior and enough champagne to send you merrily on your way into the night. Make sure you’ve got a couple of surprises up your sleeve – even surprises that only you know about – to really make the night a perfect experience.

Hen dos are important moments in the bride-to-be’s life, so make sure you absolutely nail it with this handy how-to- guide.

Naomi Isted
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