How To Make Your Small Home Feel More Spacious


Does your small home feel too cramped? If upsizing to a bigger place isn’t an option, don’t worry – there are still ways in which you can make your current home feel more spacious. Here are just a few tricks to consider.

Get rid of your clutter

Most homes feel confined simply because they contain too much stuff. Start adopting a more minimal lifestyle and get rid of things you really don’t use or need. The easiest way to do this is to get several plastic garbage bag and make it a personal challenge to fill them. Once you’ve bagged things up, don’t just hoard these bags in a cupboard or loft as many people do – there are many affordable collection companies such as Mr Cheap Rubbish Removal that can help get rid of this clutter straight away so that it’s out of your hair. Alternatively, you may have stuff that you can donate to charity or even sell for cash.

If you really can’t bear to part with any of your belongings, you may still be able to remove certain items from your home and put them into self-storage – this will cost you a monthly fee, but it will help to free up space in your home whilst allowing you to keep onto all your possessions.

Use more vertical space, less floor space

It’s usually floor space, not vertical space, that determines how spacious a room is. Rather than having lots of empty walls and little room to walk around, start finding ways to hang items on the wall and store things vertically. Rather than putting your TV on a stand, mount it on a wall. Similarly try making use of mounted cabinets and shelves rather than chests and sideboards.

Think multipurpose

You may be able to free up space by investing in multi-purpose items rather than owning to separate items. For example, if you’ve got a washing machine and a tumble dryer, you could consider selling these and buying an all-in-one washer-dryer instead. You can also find sofas and beds that double up as storage space and speakers that double up as lamps. This guide at Vurni offers several more inspirational ideas for multi-functional furniture. Start trying to incorporate these multi-purpose items into your home and you could find that you suddenly have a lot more space.

Get creative with furniture

There are lots of ways to get creative with furniture in order to free up space. Using furniture that doubles up as storage is just one trick – an alternative option could be to buy collapsible furniture that can be folded away into a cupboard. You can get dining tables that do this and even collapsible beds (these are perfect for a bedsit).

You can also create the illusion of extra space with furniture. For example, furniture on legs can give off a sense that there’s more available floor space. Pulling out furniture slightly from a wall can also create a sense that a room still has space left to expand. These tricks may not physically give you any space, but they could help to alleviate the feeling of living in a cramped home.

Create the illusion of space with mirrors

Talking of illusions, it’s also possible to create a feeling of extra space by using mirrors. A large wall mirror can help to add a sense of extra depth to a room. Such tricks are useful in a poky bathroom or a small bedroom. Even if you don’t have an available wall to place a mirror on, you may be able to hang one up on a door or invest in a mirrored cabinet or wardrobe.

Add extra windows

A room with few windows is more likely to feel claustrophobic. Windows help to create a link to the outside world, giving a room a sense that it is more spacious. The larger the window, the greater the feeling of space – full length windows and glass sliding doors can be the best options. Again, this is only a psychological effect, however it could still be useful for removing that cramped feeling. Not everyone will be able to install extra windows in their property due to the costs and practicality. If you are able to explore this option, make sure that you hire a professional to do it.

Build an extension/convert an unused space

The most obvious way to gain more space in your home is to build an extension. Of course, this is expensive and not applicable to many properties. However, for those that do have the funds and the space and the permission to extend, it could be an option worth exploring.

Converting an unused space could be another option – if you’ve got a loft or a garage that currently used as a dumping ground, it’s possible that you may be able to convert this into an extra living space. This is likely to be cheaper than extending, and a landlord/planning committee may be more willing to give you permission. You may even be able to makes use of alcoves or space under the stairs, converting it into extra storage space to help get rid of clutter.

Knock down internal walls

Knocking down internal walls could help to make your home more open, but again this may not be applicable with all properties (i.e. rented properties and many apartments). Many homes are now embracing an open plan downstairs layout that blends the lounge and kitchen into one living space. This could cause you to lose wall space that could be currently used for storage, however it could add more floor space. Knocking down internal walls is a job best carries out by a professional company for safety reasons – you can use sites like My Hammer to find qualified contractors to do this.


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