How To Make Your Home Interior Reflect A Culture

How To Make Your Home Interior Reflect A Culture

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Most aspects of the design of our home are reactions to something. You may have saw a duvet cover you loved in a magazine, and went out to buy one. You may have saw a TV commercial advertising a chest of drawers, and couldn’t resist. Or, you may have visited a particular country and found the style of their homes rather appealing.

Influences and ideas are all over the place, and this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, we should embrace them! Taking ideas and applying them to your own home only strengthens that idea, allowing people to take it from you and build upon it themselves. As a species, we’re born to share, and it’s an utterly important facet of our existence.

So when it comes to design your home, embrace different cultures, and embrace your culture. No matter your background or preferences, you should impart a bit of them onto your house. And here’s how to do so!

  • Don’t stick to stereotypes

When designing certain parts of your home with a certain culture in mind, it can be easy to get stereotypical, fast. We’re all guilty of enforcing these stereotypes, too. Who doesn’t think of garlic and the Eiffel Tower when they think of France, and who doesn’t think of pizza when they think of Italy?

Not that you’ll be using pizza in an interior design but you get the point. A Parisian home design isn’t stereotypically French, and can help you create the panache of Paris in your home. The same goes of any other culture or country that you’re particularly fond of. In order to bring a piece of the outside world into our homes, we have to break down these stereotypical barriers.

  • Visit!

If you’re fond of American home design – perhaps you’ve watched a lot of American TV shows – visit the country for more inspiration. If you’re fond of French architecture or German kitchens, visit the country and look around. Sometimes, a little hands on experience goes a long way!

  • Create your own

Perhaps you and your partner are from different cultures with different backgrounds. Perhaps you each prefer the feel of a different country or place, and want to bring both into your home.

So, do it! Highlighting multiple cultures within your home is a great way to make your house represent who you are. It also helps to tell a story, a living space that can be passed onto your kids and their kids as a representation of what their family is about. Marrying two different cultures into one design pattern is a unique idea that can make any home feel fresh.

  • Ask other people for help

Maybe your best friend is an American, and your other friend grew up in Spain. It’s very fascinating to talk to people who grew up in different places, and it can help you gain some more perspective.

You may find a brilliant idea that suits your home with aplomb. Good interior design is all about collaboration, and by bringing a diverse force onboard, you’re doing things the right way.

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