How To Make Sure Your Home Is Summer-Ready In 12 Easy Steps

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Summer-Ready In 12 Easy Steps

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We may not have wall-to-wall sunshine, but technically, summer has arrived. The warmer weather may have got you planning holiday outfits, but have you thought about making changes in your home? Here are twelve easy steps to follow to make sure your home is summer-ready.

  1. Lighten up

If you’re a fan of keeping up with interior trends, or you’re simply eager to make your home a little more summery, it’s time to lighten up. Summer is all about natural light and bright colours. Lift clean, neutral walls with patterned cushions, rugs, and accessories. Or go for a bright statement wall to make a kitchen or living room come to life. Open up patio doors and windows to let light flood in and stick to lighter shades. Replace cosy throws and blankets with lightweight textiles. Swap wintry fabrics, such as tweed and wool for cotton and linen.

  1. Bring the outside in

Bringing the outside in is one of summer 2016’s hottest trends. This summer, scatter plants and vases of fresh flowers all over your home. Use natural materials for flooring. Go for light, breathable fabrics when choosing soft furnishings. Invest in wooden ornaments and furniture made from natural materials. Open up windows and doors and trim down hedges and branches to let more natural light in. It’s also advisable to give your windows and doors a good scrub. If your windows are dirty, you’ll miss out on seeing the sunny skies when washing up and your rooms will look darker. There are loads of options when it comes to indoor plants. Go for potted trees for the porch or a loft-style home office. Opt for orchids for a chic modern living room or jugs filled with wildflowers for a traditional country kitchen.

  1. Clear the garden

Most of us endeavour to spend as much time as possible in the garden when summer arrives. To make sure you can make the most of every sunny day, it’s advisable to get spring cleaning done in advance. Now is the time to spend a couple of afternoons clearing your garden out and preparing it for the months ahead.

Start by grabbing a bin bag and heading out with a yard brush. Brush your patio and decking and throw away any litter and dead leaves. Get your gardening gloves on and pull out any weeds. You may need to spray some weed killer before attempting this task.

Wait for a dry day and then mow your lawn. Try to avoid cutting the grass down too much, as this can slow regrowth. Use a strimmer or garden shears to tidy up the edges. Fill your planters and beds with seeds or take a trip to the garden centre and buy some ready-made displays.

  1. Check your AC

Summer temperatures can make being indoors unbearable. If you have air conditioning, now is the time to call an engineer and book a routine check. It’s wise to make sure that your system is in good working order before the hot weather arrives. If you do need help with an AC unit, your engineer will be able to identify and resolve any problems.

If you don’t already have air conditioning, it may be worth investing in a unit before summer is in full swing. If you don’t like the heat, or you have trouble sleeping because you’re too hot, AC can be a godsend. Call around some local firms and ask for quotes.

You can also cool your home down by setting your thermostat at a lower temperature and using fans to increase air flow. You can choose from standing fans or ceiling fans.

  1. Invest in blackout blinds or shutters

Most of us love the long, hazy summer days. That is until you climb into bed and spend hours trying to get to sleep. Your bedroom should be a dark, peaceful haven. When you’re tired after a busy day, the last thing you want is to be lying there wide awake while the light streams in from outside. The best thing to do to combat light nights is invest in some blackout blinds, shutters or thick curtains. If you don’t want to replace your existing curtains, you could get them lined. Hanging shutters or blinds will help to block out natural light and light from street lamps and car headlights. They will make it easier for you to sleep all year round.

  1. Get ready for al fresco entertaining

Summer is a perfect time of year to get friends and family around for al fresco gatherings. If you have a large garden, why not create an entertaining area for parties? Have a look around for a table and chairs set, or invest in an outdoor sofa. Go for a wrought iron set for a vintage vibe or a chic rattan range for a modern look. If you have space, you could turn your decking into a chill out area with floor cushions, standing lanterns and fairy lights.

If you have a small yard, you can still entertain friends. Create a mezzanine decking area to save space and use bean bags for extra seating.

If you’re a keen garden party host, and you’re eager to impress, you could also consider setting up an outdoor bar or music area. You could also research hot tubs and plunge pools.

Before you start inviting guests over, make sure you stock up on coal or gas. You don’t want to have everything ready to go and then realise that you’ve got no fuel for your fire.

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  1. Defrost the freezer

The start of summer is as good a time as any to defrost your freezer. Have a clear out and see what you want to keep and what needs throwing away. You’ll need to make space for frozen meat, ice lollies and ice cube trays. You can defrost your freezer by unloading it and then using warm water to melt away the ice. Make sure you have containers to catch drips and plenty of old towels on hand to mop up afterwards.

  1. Dust down the barbeque

Summer is officially barbeque season. If you haven’t already, get your grill out and give it a thorough clean. Use soapy water to get rid of dust and dirt. If you don’t already have a waterproof cover, it’s a good to buy one this summer. This will help to protect your barbeque from the elements.

Try and keep on top of cleaning once you’ve dusted down your grill and you’re ready and raring to go. This will save you time in the long-run.

If you’re entertaining or you’re looking for inspiration for delicious barbeque fare, search online. You’ll find hundreds of recipes and ideas just a click away.

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  1. Reorganise sheds and garages

If your shed or garage is full of ice scrapers and thick winter coats, it’s wise to have a rejig. Get your garden toys, games, and furniture out and store them at the front of the garage so that they are easy to access. If you can’t even get through the door, it’s a good idea to have a clear out. If there are things you don’t want or need any longer, donate them to charity or set them aside for a garage sale.

  1. Weatherproof your garden

Even at the height of summer, the weather can be unpredictable, and a little weatherproofing can go a long way. Invest in some heavy-duty covers for sofa sets, tables and chairs. Jet wash and varnish wooden decking areas and fencing. Avoid mowing the lawn in wet weather.

  1. Check your water works

You’ll need to water the garden to make it grow. There are various options when it comes to watering. You can use a hose pipe or the traditional watering can manual method. Alternatively, if you have a large outdoor space, you may wish to consider a sprinkler system. If this is something that interests you, do some research online. Call some local firms and find out more about prices and the pros and cons of each system.

  1. Hang out your washing line

Using a washing line is a great way to save energy and money in the summer months. The warm air dries bed linen and clothing quickly with no risk of shrinking. Best of all, the sunshine is free of charge. Hang out your washing line now to make the most of summer climes. Make sure you locate your line in the best spot to catch the sun throughout the day.

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Summer has finally arrived, and what better way to celebrate than getting out into the garden and giving your home a mini makeover? Draw up a list of maintenance tasks and get them ticked off as quickly as possible. Make the most of natural light and embrace the great outdoors to inject some summer style into your interiors. Clear out the garden and get ready to entertain. Follow these twelve simple steps and you’ll be ready to enjoy a long, hot summer before you know it!

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