How To Make A Modern Lifestyle Work In An Older House

How To Make A Modern Lifestyle Work In An Older House

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Buying an older property can help bring back that feeling of nostalgia. Delving into the ideals of days gone by is great fun, for a while. But our contemporary lifestyles and style choices don’t always fit with the structure of a period property. And there is always the fear that our personal choices clash with the beauty of the original fittings and designs.


Making your modern lifestyle work in an older house could require a little bit of compromise. You probably bought the property because of the elegance and beauty of the period fixtures. Fireplaces, sash windows, wooden floorboards, and range cookers all looked incredible in their day. But is the range cooker energy efficient? Are the wooden floorboards creaky and musty? Do the windows even work?

You might choose to renovate these fittings to bring them back to their original splendour. Or you could choose to install modern equivalents in the style of the original fittings. Older houses can be drafty, cold, and expensive to run. These days, we are less tolerant of wild fluctuations in temperature. We like the air con on in the summer and the heat on in the winter. Is there a way to make this work without affecting the original beauty of your home?

When you buy an older property and set up your TV, sound system and charging points, you quickly become very dependent on extension cords! This can become unsafe, especially if your property hasn’t be rewired or had a safety cut out switch panels installed. The best thing to do is to find an electrician who can assess your home. The electrician will also be able to chase new wiring into the walls, giving you adequate sockets for all your electrical items.


Modern plumbing and new bathroom fittings are also more efficient than your original fittings may be. Toilets, in particular, can use far more water than is necessary. If you install a new bathroom, consider the size of the bathroom. Very old houses often had their facilities separate from the house. When they were moved inside, they were placed in a room that was originally a bedroom. Shifting the interior walls around may give you enough space for an extra bedroom. Or you might prefer creating an ensuite to an adjoining bedroom.

Older houses will always need a few renovations and improvements to allow us to live the lifestyle we desire. But preserving the original features can be just as important. Why not make the fireplace the focal point of the room. With a bit of elbow grease, you may be able to restore it to its former glory. And that roll-top bath may just need a special coating of restorative liquid to bring the hygiene and beauty back.

Whether you choose contemporary replacements or restoration, an older house can be perfect for a modern lifestyle. They are often bigger in size and may even have a bigger garden than new-build houses. And if you love the beauty of period houses, you could enjoy taking the place on as a restoration project.


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