How To Keep Your Living Room Cosy During Winter

How To Keep Your Living Room Cosy During Winter


Your living room should be the most comfortable place in the world. It’s your safe retreat for unwinding and destressing after a long day’s work. Keeping your living room warm and inviting is essential to keeping it cosy – especially in the winter when the cold climate and the short hours of daylight can easily make a drab room look miserable. To get your living room feeling cosier this winter, here are some alterations that you can make.

Cover sofas with throws

A leather sofa can feel like a touch of luxury in your home. But leather gets cold very easily, making such sofas unbearable in the winter. Rather than shelling out on a new suite, why not cover your sofas with throws. These furry blankets will give you the comfort of the leather, but keep your seat warm.

Check your windows

Windows can leak heat from your home. Cracks in the frames may be letting out hot air. You should also check if there is a gap between the window and frame and whether draft protection is needed. Quite often the problem is the panes – either they’re not double glazed or there may be a crack letting heat out. Investing in replacement windows will solve this issue.

Hang up winter curtains

Blinds are a great solution in the summer, but offer no warmth once the temperature starts to drop. Similarly light sash curtains will do nothing against the cold. What your living room needs during these chilly months is a thick pair of winter curtains. These will help insulate the room, as well as looking cosier. If you have a radiator below your window, make sure that your curtains aren’t hanging over it, otherwise they will block the heat to your room. Whilst keep the curtains drawn over your window, tuck the ends around the radiator.

Repaint the walls

Aesthetics can also make a room feel warmer and look brighter during the winter. If your walls are a dark colour or a plain white, this will contributing to the cold and oppressive vibe of your room. Try applying some warm colours such as yellows, orangey brown and light greens. Beige gets a lot of stick, but it’s the perfect warm and inoffensive colour to keep your living room warm and tranquil.

Insert a fireplace

I’m not suggesting that you should get a chimney built and have major work done to your house. Real fireplaces after all are messy and can let in the cold when not lit. Buy an artificial electric or gas fireplace that will provide warmth whilst also giving the illusion of a toasty fireplace, psychologically making you feel cosier. Some artificial fireplaces can be bought relatively cheaply at under £100, although the price of getting them fitted isn’t always included. High end models can exceed a grand.

If you already have a fireplace, you can easily convert it into a gas or an electric one – real fires take work and coal can get everywhere. Make sure that your chimney is blocked up to stop the cold getting in (alongside possible outside creatures).

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