How To Keep The Kids Busy This Half Term

Being a working parent is hard enough but with it being half term you will probably be racking your brains on how to keep your kids busy, without breaking the budget or taking  time off work.

Here are some are purse friendly , fun and educational ways to keep them entertained, and use up their energy, so the whole family can have an enjoyable week.


Arts & Crafts Day

If you have children you are bound to have drawers and cupboards full of pens, pencils, paint, glue and glitter. Get all of your arts & crafts supplies together and get creative with the kids – maybe ask them to draw their favourite animal or even better create a whole new animal that they can name and give features too.  Go old school and do some paper mache or buy some cheap picture frames and get them to paint it – so you’ll always have something unique from them.  . The possibilities are endless and it will allow them to flex their creative muscles. If you don’t have many supplies then head to Hobbycraft – the ultimate arts & crafts haven.


Put On A Play

If we all know one thing about children it’s that they love to be dramatic. Channel that energy and get them to write a play and put on a performance for the family; a huge bonus is that they’ll be practicing their writing and English skills without even knowing! And it will build their confidence.  Encourage them to be as imaginative as possible and write about the things that they love, if they want to have dinosaurs in space, why not? If they want to dress up in silly costumes go right ahead. It will create some amazing memories for you and fun stories for them to tell their friends when they are back at school. This activity is perfect if you have a wide age range of kids as everyone can get involved somehow.

Museum Day 

Yes museums and kids aren’t always the perfect mix – they get bored and restless. However many museums now also run activates and workshops on site so children can learn about the items on display in a more hands on and engaging way. There are dozens of museums in London that are child friendly and many have specific exhibitions that they aim to engage young children with – this top 10 list from Time Out is a good place to start.



Fruit Picking


What better way to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables than taking them to a farm where you can pick your own? And then using that produce to cook delicious food. It teaches them about the importance of farming and it’s much cheaper that your usual supermarket. You won’t have to go too far out of London to find some great places either with pick your own farms dotted across Essex and Surrey.  To really get your kids excited about this ask them what they would like to make with the produce you’ve picked, that way they’ll feel in charge of this activity and be more likely to engage and learn.


Organize  A Sports Day With All Their Friends 
What kid doesn’t love a sports day? With the chance to miss lessons and win prizes kids look forward to sports day all year long. Bring that excitement into their half term holidays by organizing a mini sports day with their closest friends. Go simple with an egg and spoon race or just a football match. Or you could go into super parent mode and set up a mini obstacle course in the garden – all with small prizes or medals for kids to win. It’s a great way to get them out of the house and teach them that being active can be fun and rewarding!

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Mahum Masood
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