How To Host The Best Hen Party For Your Fussy Friend

How To Host The Best Hen Party For Your Fussy Friend

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There’s always been that one girl in your friendship group who you love dearly, but dread the thought of her wedding. And when the time comes, of course you’re put in charge of organising her hen do. She’s given you a list of everything she doesn’t want to do – which crosses off most of the ideas you had. No alcohol, no wild parties, no going abroad, no sashes or tiaras, and no personalised t-shirts.

It means you can’t go down the easy, stereotypical route that most hen parties end up doing. But this gives you an opportunity to explore some fun, creative ideas that will leave your hen with a weekend of amazing memories. And now that weddings and engagements are pulling out the stops to be different and memorable, it’ll fit with the latest trends.

For women who love looking unique

If your friend is the type who wears one-off pieces and antique jewellery found in tiny second hand shops, then look at doing a crafty activity. From making your own jewellery to going on a perfume course where you make your own scent, you can give your friend not only a great weekend, but new skills to learn, and something to take away with her.

Depending on the timing, you could even look into going to London Fashion Week. Then, you won’t need to worry about organising activities, as you’ll all be busy during the day, snapping famous faces and trying to get papped yourself!

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For women who love the outdoors

If you’ve got a friend who can’t sit still and is always out running or cycling, then look into adventure weekends. You might need to check who’s on the guest list, and that the activities are suitable for everyone first – if you’re going abseiling down cliffs, your hen’s grandmother might not want to join in!

There are two routes you could take here. Either look at adventure centres that offer a wide range of extreme sports, or find a campsite near the beach, and organise the activities yourself. Going with a centre means that you won’t need to worry about organising, but does limit you to their choices, and you might end up in groups with strangers. Heading off to a campsite means you can choose your own activities, like hiking, surfing and swimming in the sea, but you’ll be in charge of hiring the equipment and planning the route. This option gives you a lot more freedom, and is easy to do if you’re happy to delegate admin tasks to others.

For women who need a bit of a break

If the hen is one of those women who never stops, then make her take a break. She’s probably been in mad panic for a while, trying to organise the wedding and still carrying out her normal jobs. So, give her the ultimate treat, and take her to a spa for the weekend. Surreptitiously find out what sort of treatments she’d like, and if you’re all happy to, everyone on the hen weekend could join together to pay for a few for her. These spa retreats are some of the best in the UK, and even if you don’t have treatments and just stick to relaxing and swimming, you’re sure to have an amazing time.

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