How To Host A Summer Soiree For Your Girl Gang

How To Host A Summer Soiree For Your Girl Gang


What better way to celebrate the warm weather than with your favourite friends; they’re guaranteed to make a day in the sun, or a warm evening outside, fun and memorable (hashtags at the ready). So, instead of visiting a rooftop bar or beer garden this weekend, why not host a get-together at home and enjoy your own outdoor space. Your summer soiree can be as chilled-out or as fancy as you want, so check out some of the following ideas, to help inspire you, if you’re planning an Instagram-worthy party. Pimms at the ready…The Food And Drinks (aka the best bit)

When it comes to what you decide to serve your guests; you have a plethora of ideas and summer recipes to choose from, so you can be as inventive, or as simple as you like. Maybe you want to run with a specific theme, like a traditional British garden party, and you can bake cupcakes (or buy them, nobody’s judging you) and serve fancy sandwiches with the crusts cut off. There’s no better drink than a Pimms cocktail, or a fruity non-alcoholic alternative, to serve alongside your dainty plates of food. You and your guests can all wear tea dresses and heels (which may come off later on in the evening), and you’ll have to make sure that you’ve got your bunting and tea-lights at the ready.

For a more laid-back atmosphere; dust off the family BBQ, or invest in some disposable options, and get grilling. You can get guests to bring something to throw on the coals, and you can be creative with your meat, veggie, and fruit (yes, fruit) kebabs. There’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of barbecued food, so your guest will have a great time. You can still have fun with your drink choices, and make some bowls of summer fruit punch or pitchers of your favourite cocktails; this is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun mixing their own refreshments. For some cocktail inspiration, take a look here:

Nibbles, like nuts, crisps, olives (and any other treats

in the M&S three for two offer) will go down a storm; pop them in colourful or printed dishes and place them around the garden so that people can pick as the chat to each other. You could go oldskool and put out cheese and pineapple on sticks; a kid style party theme is perfect if you’re part of a whimsical and playful bunch. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can check out these Bucket List Foods and wow your guests. When it comes to the food, the most important thing is that you’re all going to enjoy it, and everybody will leave full up and satiated. Your girl gang are your friends, so don’t worry about asking them for help, and to each bring a dish or two; that way there’ll be plenty to eat, and it will ensure that everyone has something they love to nibble on.

Setting the Scene

Okay, so you’ve planned your menu, and you’re pretty sure that everyone’s going to have enough to keep them stuffed for a good while after your soiree. Now you need to think about the environment in which you’re enjoying your nibbles and drinks. Decorating an outside space can be as simple or detailed as you want it to be. Whether you’re investing in new bunting, paper lanterns, and fancy tablecloths, or you’d prefer to get crafty and make some items yourself; your garden will look like a dream if you put a little thought and effort into it.

Look into hanging festoon and fairy lights, colourful paper decorations and printed blankets, cushion, and linen, to chill out amongst. Try to think about what your garden looks like when the sun has vanished for the day; twinkling and flickering lights are perfect for any soiree’s theme. Be creative with your serveware; if you are running with the traditional garden party theme, for example, you could use teapots and dainty cups to serve your drinks. Or, if you’re heading in more tropical, luau direction, use the outside of the pineapples and watermelons, that you’ve put in your cocktails, as drinking vessels (a little umbrella and a colourful straw will make the ideal addition to these too).


You’ll need to make sure that everyone is comfortable and has somewhere to sit, so you might want to consider investing in the right garden furniture for your space. If you find some seating and tables that you like the look of from a garden furniture shop, make sure you go and check out their showroom to get an idea of the look, feel, and size of each piece, before you buy anything. Put some throws, blankets, and cushions on your outdoor seating, to ensure that everyone can stay comfortable as the chilly night air draws in. Your garden table is the best place to put all the nibbles, drinks and plates, so that people can help themselves as and when they choose. You can also adorn any surfaces with little tea lights and even a sprinkling of confetti for added pizazz; people will always notice the details.

Ensuring Everyone’s Entertained

You’ve provided your favorite people with everything they need to have a great time, almost. You don’t have to hire a clown (mainly because they can be terrifying) or anything, but it’s worth considering adding a little atmosphere with some music and entertainment. It can be as simple as popping your tunes on the kitchen radio and moving it to the window so everyone can hear, or, you can finally use the vintage-style record player that you got for Christmas and get some vinyl on the go. If one of your friends is a guitar hero(ine), then get her to bring it along for a late-night sing-song; just try not to annoy the neighbours!

You could involve everyone in some garden games; these can be a simple as card games, or you can pull out the giant Jenga that’s been hiding in your parent’s shed since you were little. As long as everyone is having fun, eating and drinking, and spending some quality time with you; you’ll have created a summer night to remember, and who knows, it might just become your annual thing.

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