How To Have A Phenomenally Stylish Modern Wedding

How To Have A Phenomenally Stylish Modern Wedding

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For many brides to be having a super stylish wedding is high on their hit list. It’s understandable too because your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and it says a lot of about you taste and style to the most important people in your life, your friends and family. So you can see why folks put a lot of effort into getting it right. But what things do you need to consider you have a truly stylish wedding? Read on to find out.

The dress

Obviously, if the style is high on your list of priorities for your wedding then getting the right dress is essential to setting the tone for the day. While many brides go for something romantic and lacey for their wedding day, a more stylish option can be a minimalist modern type dress.

With that in mind consider designers like Rosa Clara and Georgia Young Couture that focus on clean lines, unexpected detail and architectural angles to give you that cutting stylish edge look.

Also, remember to keep accessories and jewellery to a minimum and let the structure of the dress speak for itself. Hair should also be kept simple and sleek for the best effect.

The venue

The venue should also be picked with modern style in mind. Something that might not be the easiest of tasks as so many venues are geared towards that vintage vibe at the moment. However it can be done, you will just have to look around a little harder to find what you want.

In particular, conference and venue centres in cities might be a better bet because they are more likely to be new and decked out in a more modern way.

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For example at On the 7th, in Manchester keep things modern while still rocking that rustic industrial vibe, with bare bricks and black and white tiled floors.

Or why not go for British Academic Society in London? A Georgian building with a surprisingly modern and chic interior that gives it a truly up to date and stylish vibe.

Another option, of course, is to plump for an elopement or overseas wedding and head over to the Italian Lakes of Garda or Como. Here you can an al fresco wedding, overlooking the Lake that will be the epitome of style and chic.

The pictures

If you are going to spend a lot of time of getting everything as stylish and modern as possible, you will also want to capture that moment for posterity. That is why it’s vital that you employ a well-regarded professional wedding photographer like Vittore Buzzi, who you can discuss your requirements with beforehand.

Remember good photos, even the seemly spontaneous ones that are so popular at modern weddings are often planned and assessed before the day. So make sure that you have a clear idea of the sort of pics you want, and you convey this to you photographer. Then on the day, you can leave them to it, and you can focus on enjoying the stylish event you have planned.

The food

For a stylish day, the menu needs to be in keeping with everything else as well. But what are the most stylish wedding food trends at the moment?

Well, in essence, you are looking for something that is a little different from the usual wedding fare, that both tastes good and looks great.

One thing that fits well with this is to have an oyster bar. These are an unusual yet luxurious food, and something that the guest will not be expecting. They also work well as a talking point for breaking the ice and can be served with all manner of on trend dressing and sauces.

Something else to consider is hot hors-d’oeuvres. These can be very stylish especially if you pick ingredients that are both in-season and in-vogue.

Great suggestions for this include a shot of tomato soup and a mini grilled cheese sandwich. Or how about tiny tacos filled with pulled pork, or bean salsa for the vegetarians? Just remember to speak to your caterer and ensure that they are bite sized. As no one wants to have to bite into food that they have no plate for when they are all dressed up in their best wedding garb.

When it comes to main courses, the truly a la mode have two options. One is an a la carte entree, preferably one that the guests get to choose themselves. The other is less formal but still super on point style wise. It is a sharing table where spit roasts, and dishes of vegetables and accompaniments are set out, and guest helps themselves to what they want. The nice thing about this is that they also help each other, so it works as a great ice breaker, while still being oh so chic.  

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Guest book

If you are going for stylish, then that simple guest book where everyone signs a page is out. Instead, think outside the box and go for something with a bit more impact.

You could try a large photo frame with a picture from your couples portrait session you had when you got engaged? Just make sure that it has a wide mount and then gets all the guest to sign that. Then you will be able to change the picture out for one taken on your wedding day afterwards, and you have the perfect keepsake to hang on your wall.

Or why not get a poster with a tree trunk and some stamp ink? The idea is that you then get everyone to make a thumbprint on the tree, showing that they were there to support you when you got married. This also provides a stylish and personalised keepsake of the day.

The flowers

Ah flowers, the thing that you can spend a fortune on for you wedding but only last for a day. Having said that they are incredibly important in setting the tone for your wedding, so it’s vital to get the right, even if their beauty is fleeting.

Luckily, there are many innovative florists out there coming up with fascinating new bouquet and display ideas all the time that you can use for your modern wedding.

In particular, consider going for a monotone arrangement consisting of a different type of flowers all in one colour. As this is something that can delicately balance the romantic tone of a wedding with showing off your style credentials.

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Also, consider the use of plants as well as flowers. As succulents are hugely on trend at the moment and due to their muted green and pinks make an excellent addition to a wedding display.

Lastly, you may want to scrap the idea of flowers altogether and go for another type of decoration. Paper lanterns and pompoms have that geometric look and can look fantastic when layers and hung at different heights for interest. They also come in a range of colours so you can rock either a monotone selection or create your own ombre effect. Something else that is bang on trend right now.

Top tip: Use invisible thread or fisherman’s twine to hang them, and they will look like they are floating in mid air!

The entertainment

Wedding entertainment can be something of a tricky issue, especially if you are trying to keep things upscale all evening. A good solution to this is hiring a band for the evening, perhaps one that plays retro hits, or even jazz?

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Or why not hire in some entertainment to keep your guests happy. You may opt for entertainers such as opera singers, or acrobatic performers? You can even provide lawn croquet for the day.

The invites

After the proposal and engagement, but before the wedding, you will want to get your invitations sorted out. But for a super stylish and modern wedding, there are a few rules to cover to get these right. Firstly, pick a colour scheme that fits with your day.

Then keep to the modern and stylish theme by using the text in a font like Calibri Or Courier New and little else. By reducing the frills of the design, you should be able to keep costs reasonable while maintaining an elegant feel that will work well with the rest of the wedding.

The favours

Lastly, something that a great deal of thought and attention can go into is the favours. To make your guests feel special give them a particular gift or an item that they can continue to use or appreciate after the day.

For instance, if you are using succulents in you flower decorations why not extend this the out and provide a small plant for every guest to take home with them? These are both on trend and something that they will be able to appreciate after the event.

Something else that I have seen work well is a cotton tote bag for all the ladies. Usually printed with the date and time of the wedding, in the font chosen for the invites.

Also, with folks all dressed up in their best getup, it can get pretty hot. That is why providing white paper fans like these can be a fantastic favour. As not only do they keep your guest cool, but a whole celebration holding white paper fans would have to try very hard not to look uber stylish in the photos!

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