How To Get Your Husband-To-Be More Involved With Your Wedding

How To Get Your Husband-To-Be More Involved With Your Wedding

Once they have popped the question, many grooms take a back seat when it comes to their wedding. While many brides are happy with this, some would prefer their partners to get involved in the planning. The problem many brides face is a lack of motivation from their partners. Unlike us girls, men just don’t seem that interested in all the tiny details that come with planning a wedding. However, that’s not to say that the groom shouldn’t be involved in the planning.


If you want to get your partner involved in your wedding planning, here are a few ideas that should help:

Is he creative?

If your partner is creative, perhaps you could put him in charge of designing your wedding cards, and invitations. The best way to make your partner more motivated to get involved with your wedding planning is to ask him to do things that interest him. If the groom-to-be loves designing things, then getting him to create the invitations is perfect.

Is he good with numbers?

This might seem like a bit of a boring one, but if he’s good with numbers it might just be perfect for him. If your partner is a maths whiz, why not put him in charge of keeping track of your wedding budget? Men love being in charge of money, so putting him in charge of your wedding budget is ideal. Just make sure that you provide him with all the information he needs, and he should be happy to get stuck in.


Can he negotiate?

If your partner is a born negotiator, put him in charge of dealing with the bookings for your wedding. Perhaps he has the skills to get your caterer to give you a discount or can persuade your band to play a couple of extra songs free of charge. No matter how big or small your wedding budget is, it’s always good to be able to save money on your vendors. So if the groom-to-be has the skills to do that, make sure to put him in charge of organizing your vendors. Men love a challenge, so your partner should be more than willing to have a crack at getting you some discounts.

Is he romantic?

The answer to this is hopefully, ‘yes’. After all, every bride deserves a bit of romance from her significant other, doesn’t she? If your partner has a flair for romance, perhaps you could ask him to come up with ideas for the engraving on your wedding rings. Choosing the wording to go on the inside of your wedding bands is a big deal, and something that will take some thought. If your partner has a way with words, ask him to come up with some ideas.

Ask him to deal with the bar requirements

For many men, the most important part of the wedding reception is the bar. They are happy to eat whatever food is put in front of them, but when it comes to the bar, they are much more fussy. If your partner has a favorite beer, spirit or cocktail, he will be more than happy to deal with the bar arrangements. Your partner will want to ensure that the bar is stocked with all of his, and your, favorite drinks, so he’ll be happy to sort out the bar. While it might seem tricky to get your partner involved in your wedding planning, there are plenty of ways to do so. The key, however, is to put him in charge of something that appeals to him, as this will mean that he stays focused and motivated.


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