How To Get The Perfect Engagement Ring

How To Get The Perfect Engagement Ring


The engagement ring is a symbol of your relationship with your fiancé, and something that encapsulates your love. From one glance, all your friends and family will be able to tell how much your boyfriend loves you, and how much effort he put into the process. Plus, you have to wear the ring. Yet, you get absolutely no say in the process. Doesn’t that sound a little bit unfair? In fact, some women have declined marriage proposals because the ring wasn’t up to scratch! No one wants to do that, so it is time to take matters into your hands.

Casually Mention How Much You Like a Particular Ring

All you need is a little bit of subtlety. Just as you are browsing the high street and walk past a jewellery store, casually mention how pretty that ring is. Even your boyfriend should be able to remember that particular incident when he goes ring shopping!

Show Him A Picture

Some women like to be a bit more bold and brazen. It might lack on the subtlety front, but it is a great way to get what you want! Plus, you can always make a joke and laugh it off. Just let him know that when he is ready to pop the question, Halo engagement rings are the type of ring you want him to buy. But, only when he is ready!

Go With Him

If you have no qualms about planning your engagement, go shopping with him. To be honest, he will prefer the company and the fact that he can’t make a mistake! A lot of couples do talk about their engagement way in advance, and there is nothing wrong with that. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to get engaged. It is no less subtle than showing him a picture!

Ask A Friend To Go

Men find jewellery shopping difficult because they don’t understand jewellery. To us women, it is like second nature or football to men! We instantly understand what it is we want. Luckily, even though your man might not be too savvy, your best friend will be. After years of shopping together, they will know what you like and don’t like jewellery wise. Send them to them and it is as good as going yourself, but you get to keep the mystery.

Get A Friend To Drop A Hint

If you are sure you boyfriend is on the verge of proposing, there is nothing wrong with a few subliminal messages. However, if they come from you, it could let the cat out of the bag. But, if it comes from your friends, they will be none the wiser. In fact, they will undoubtedly ask your friends for help, so they are perfectly placed for a recon mission!

Ask Him For A Surprise

Tell him about what you like and don’t like, and then let him make a decision. If you trust his taste, it can work out perfectly for both parties.

The perfect engagement ring is the first step to a new life together, so hopefully he gets it right!

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