How to get the best deal for your holiday

​How to get the best deal for your holiday


In the next few months we’ll see leaves growing back onto trees, and the daytime gradually clawing precious seconds back from the night. On top of that, your summer break is edging closer by the day. To reap the rewards of your hard-earned cash, here’s our concise guide to getting the best deal for your favourite holiday destination.

​Long or short haul?

Before we go anywhere, it’s important to establish what sort of holiday you’re after. Are you a long haul veteran, tempted only by the white sands of Thailand and Sri Lanka? Or do you prefer to holiday closer to home, sipping sangria by the shores of Spain? If you’re going to Bangkok or New York, you’ll get a better deal 18 weeks before your flight. The opposite is true for short haul flights – if you’re wanting to visit Malaga or experience the natural wonders of Tenerife, book 7 weeks in advance.

Got an itch to discover Gaudi’s architecture and wider Barcelona? It’s best to book around 12 weeks before departure. The same applies to other popular European cities such as Paris and Copenhagen.

On long haul flights, travel operators frequently offer cheap seats at the last minute, so booking a flight to Orlando two weeks before flying could save you money. However this isn’t always the case, with flights to Dubai coming in cheapest when booked further in advance. In comparison to both these locations, a jaunt to Ibiza from London is cheapest when you book 9 weeks before flying.


Got an urge for a package holiday?

Factor in what you’d like to be doing while you’re on holiday. A package holiday means you don’t need to worry about finding a restaurant, and major resorts tend to be less expensive than others. Although the initial price might appear larger than a singular return flight, you’ll reap the rewards once you’re there without having to consider any additional costs.

When you book closer to the flight date, you need to bear in mind several factors. Supposing the UK has had yet another wet summer, this is usually followed by an influx of Brits to the Mediterranean and can make flights more expensive. Other external factors can come into play, like major sporting events such as the Olympics, which may have a bearing on the prices, too. If you’re already decided on what destination to visit this summer, there’s no harm in purchasing tickets now to avoid unexpected hikes in prices.

Cheapest days of the week to fly

To minimise costs, why not fly on a weekday? Tuesdays are notoriously cheap compared to Fridays and Saturdays, when holidaymakers throughout the country flock to the airports. When you’re planning a getaway, be sure to take into account national holidays. A midweek dash to sunshine in May will always be cheaper to book in advance than an Easter or Christmas break. Can you fly flexibly? Do so if that’s the case.

Booking the perfect holiday is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Take into consideration the factors outlined in this guide, and you’ll be lazing by the pool in next to no time.

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