How to create the dressing room you always dreamed of

dressing room

How to create the dressing room you always dreamed of

Dressing rooms have noticeably risen in popularity among people renovating their homes, and this is understandable given such a room’s ability to enhance a home’s value.

However, you might have overlooked various practical merits of dressing rooms. For example, they let you store clothes separately and so prevent the clothing fibres producing more dust in your bedroom, curbing the sleeping environment. How can you make a great dressing room?

Carefully consider the size and design

If you are making a completely new dressing room from scratch, make it at least 2.4 metres by 1.6 metres, as urged on the Ideal Home site.

You should also carefully consider how you would like to store garments in this dressing room. You might like the idea of storing jumpers and jeans on shelves rather than in drawers, while sufficient space in which to hang full-length clothes is essential.

Nonetheless, if you will only be hanging trousers, then incorporate shorter hanging, as this can double your storage, reveals Real Homes.

Rein in your budget where practical

Cutting costs is fine as long as it doesn’t sacrifice the dressing room’s quality – and, to be more specific, ability to meet your particular requirements. For example, while fitted wardrobes are pricier than off-the-shelf alternatives, they are also better customisable to your specific dressing room.

Mixing up the variety of storage options is desirable. However, a tight budget might require you to stick to just shelves and storage boxes, as drawers are more expensive than these.

Choose custom-made furniture for awkward spaces

As you can tailor such furniture to a particular room’s dimensions, it can let you increase your dressing room’s space efficiency. For example, if that room is in the attic, you could add drawers and cupboards between the attic’s rafters to avoid taking up floor space.

Did you know that, on average, your dressing room could benefit from 30% extra storage if it features fitted wardrobes? That freed-up space can then be put to other purposes.

Let there be light… from outside?

Given how often you will be in that dressing room, it is obviously crucial to make sure it is well lit. Obviously, it would be beneficial for your energy bills if much of that lighting came from a natural source; hence, getting a window fitted in that room could be a good idea.

In fact, if the room is large enough and at ground level, you could go even further and have aluminium bifold doors installed in that room, allowing you to combine windows and doors.

Mirror, mirror, on the dressing room door

Adding mirrored doors to your dressing room can improve its lighting and so increase that room’s apparent spaciousness. This is a particularly strong boon considering how crammed that room could start looking as you cram it with more and more items in storage.

However, be careful not to add mirrored doors of excessive number, as doing this could actually distort the room’s look. Then, your dressing room wouldn’t be the fairest of them all.


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