How To Add Smooth Industrial Style To Your Home

best looks for a home

One of the best looks for a home comes from stripping it back to basics. The foundations, exposed metal and brickwork and other construction elements of your home can serve as part of industrial style. Industrial style isn’t just about making everything edgy and cool, though, it’s about adding elements of style to your home that make it look modern, chic and irresistibly smooth.

Trying to have a living space that looks creative, minimal and industrial will mean that you’re on trend, and who doesn’t want to be trendy in this day and age? Your home is going to reflect your personal style, and if you can impress your friends by adding some touches of metal and brick here and there, why wouldn’t you? While you’re deciding how to do that, we’ve put together some of the ways that you can change it up to make your home look perfectly industrial and on point.

Wood. When you walk into a home with weathered wood accents and floorings, you immediately breathe in modernity. You can choose pieces for your home that have been rescued from yards and flea markets, treating them and shaping them to fit your home. If you have exposed beams in your house, keep those! Polish them up and protect them from bugs to ensure that they stand the test of time. Wooden accents make a home look grand and ready to greet people, so don’t be left behind in your designs.

Metal. Most metal accents will come from things like exposed plumbing and electrical systems, but you can also install aluminium windows for a sharp and clean look in your home. If you don’t fancy having exposed pipework throughout your home, then go for something like metallic accents in your lighting choices and your appliances. The idea is to have it looking industrial and edgy; you can easily make that happen when you are designing each room.

Concrete. Mostly used in factories for flooring and other structural elements, concrete has always been associated with the outside. You can choose to go the whole hog with stained concrete flooring or you could be a little subtler and stick with concrete tables, shelving and even planters through the home. There’s no wrong answer, here, as concrete isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Brick. Exposed brick is possibly one of the most beautiful ways to have the internal walls of the home. There’s something soothing, warm and yet cool about the walls inside looking like the outside. Not every home is lucky enough to have this feature, though, so you could always invest in wallpaper or backsplashes that have the brick pattern, instead.

Choosing the features in your home that are going to fit in with an industrial style can be a small or as drastic as you like. It’s all about personal taste and making you feel like your home fits in with the way you really want it to look. Take your time and go shopping!


Naomi Isted
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