How Often Do You Care For Yourself?

Care For Yourself

How often do you care for yourself? When was the last time you even asked yourself this question? It might be that during our schedule of wake up, work, come home, sleep and repeat, we forget the finer details of taking care of ourselves as we should. Many of us can live life on a sort of auto-pilot, which somewhat becomes normalized as we continue with our daily schedules. Of course, this doesn’t mean scheduling and routine is bad. It just means that sometimes, if hectic enough, we may forget to take care of numero uno.

Remember, caring for yourself isn’t a selfish act in the least. If you do this, you are becoming a better person both daily and in the long term. That means that during your daily life, everyone you come into contact with will meet a better version of you. That means in your small way, you are contributing to giving others a slightly better life, even if that’s only two minutes of a workday morning as you beam at them with a greeting smile and tell them that they look great today.

If everyone cared for themselves with self-respect and sense of personal appreciation, you can be sure that humanity would share much more love than it does now. However, talking on a grand scale like this isn’t half as important as caring for the individual, you.

With our simple suggested methods of caring for yourself, you might find that your life changes for the better, and that you continually reinforce your self worth. That sounds good to us.

Disconnect From Social Media, At Least For A Time

Social media is great for connecting with friends, staying in the loop, and building your brand. You might also form friendships, share positive information, and generally help us become a much more aware individual. However, remember that it’s not natural. Despite tailoring your timeline for the best success, we can often forget to seek a little break from social media from time to time. It can be worth disconnecting for a couple of weeks every couple of months or so, or perhaps just limiting your social media use for conversations with friends and managing your online business platform if you have one.

It’s amazing just how the mind changes when it’s not confronted with social media for a time. You might feel yourself becoming more measured, more serene, and less worried about what other people are doing. The fear of missing out is a big thing that people have to face day by day when exposed  to social media, so when you disconnect from it you find your perspective changes. Instead of worrying about the great time others are having without you, you begin to look around for the beauty and relevance in your own life, of which there is plenty if you simply decided to look for it. The first step to self-care is to disconnect from social media. You would be startled as to how much difference this can make.

Eat Right For You

It might be that from time to time, we realize that we’ve been indulging a little too much. Heading to a certain fast food place because of its convenience during every office lunch might be very tasty and easy, but instead opting for a meal-prep option can help you eat healthier food and feel better in your skin at the end of the workday. Consider trying new methods of eating right, methods that work for you (which might not be the same as that which works for others.)

For example the benefits of an anti-aging diet could be essential for you if you’re getting on in years, while those with a relative sensitivity to carbohydrates might find it worthwhile to follow a ketosis diet. Too many people are cemented in the foods they eat, when trying new things can help them find a happy medium that both keeps them well-fed and cared for, while also preventing them from making the easy choices that lead to lethargy.

Emotional Integrity

It can often be the case that your emotional integrity is under fire. Let’s say you experience a pretty bad break-up with a relatively toxic partner. This difficulty can lead you to feel a little jaded, but for some reason you want to go back to them thanks to your emotional ties. It might be that caring for yourself is the ability to make the hard decisions to say ‘no, I deserve to be treated correctly,’ and making that statement true in the way you hold yourself in these situations.

A little emotional integrity can go a long way, and give you the tools to respect yourself in the long term. When you respect yourself, you begin to care for yourself, and this is true no matter who you are or where you are in the world. Consider just how your emotional integrity is being affected, by good or bad friends, by good or bad partners, or by good or bad family members. If you notice an issue, either withdraw or think of ways to potentially resolve it. Life is too short to chase chaos, and spend time with people who would rather not spend time with you.

Mental Health Days

Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more. You need to take care of yourself. You need to give yourself space to express your emotions, even if that’s just by feverishly writing in your journal to get all of your ideas out on paper. Many of us try our best in the modern flow of life, but from time to time we may get overwhelmed. Even the strongest among us do, because after all, we’re all only human.

If you find that the regular flow of life, work, family, financial matters, health, and many other considerations that people have to deal with are getting too much, taking a mental health day can be one of the most intelligent things you can do. Simply taking a day from work to do nothing, or perhaps to head to the spa, or to relax with a friend, or to take a luxurious bath and watch movies all day can help you settle, relax, give you space for meditation and to catch up on some important sleep. This sounds super indulgent, and it is. Sometimes, there is no problem with wanton self-indulgence.

Famous writer Charles Bukowski, in language that we will have to tailor a little here, once stated: “I have periods where, you know, when I feel a little weak or depressed. The Wheaties aren’t going down right. I just go to bed for three days and four nights, pull down all the shades and just go to bed. Get up. Drink a beer down and go back to bed. I come out of that completely re-enlightened for 2 or 3 months. I get power from that. I think someday…they’ll say this guy knew something that…you know in days ahead and medicine, and how they figure these things out. Everybody should go to bed now and then, when they’re down low and give it up for three or four days. Then they’ll come back good for a while.”

While this is quite an extreme method of taking a break, and we wouldn’t recommend you follow it completely, it emphasises, in that famous Bukowski fashion, that taking a break is sometimes very, very necessary, and the opposite of selfish.

With these simple suggestions, you’ll be able to answer the question ‘how often do you care for yourself?’ with a beaming smile and a number to hand.


Naomi Isted
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