How Did He Pop The Question? Awesome Proposal Ideas

How Did He Pop The Question? Awesome Proposal Ideas


This post will be perfect for guys who are looking for unforgettable ways to propose. Or, for girls who are curious how well their own proposal stacks up against the experience of other newly engaged women. Let’s look at some of the incredible ways guys have proposed in the past. If you’re a guy, you might find an awesome way to pop the question to your special girl right here.

With A Little Disney Magic

Yes, it’s true, thousands of wedding proposals occur in Disney every year. It’s become so popular that you can actually buy packages to make this special dream come true. This can include the room being decorated while you’re out somewhere in the park. That package comes with a special present and the ring in Cinderella’s slipper. You’ll need to inquire about this before you travel and make sure that it’s kept off the main bill. Otherwise, it could spoil the surprise. Alternatively, you can arrange to rent a boat on the lagoon just off the coast of the magic kingdom. There, you will be able to see the Wishes fireworks display and ask that special question. You can even arrange a romantic dinner for two on your own private spot. It’s difficult not to see at least one proposal while you’re vacationing in Disney World. Plenty of couples think this is the perfect place for the romantic gesture.

On Christmas Day

Some people do think that getting a proposal on Christmas day is a little cheesy and not imaginative enough. But, these people clearly aren’t in the Christmas spirit. After all, the idea of Christmas is all about making sure the people you love know how much you care about them. What better way to do this then proposing to the girl you have been dating for years. There are plenty of ways to make this idea special. For instance, you can leave a ribbon as a trail from their stocking down to the box that the ring is in. Or, you can hide the ring in another gift. A lot of people might get their proposals on Christmas day. But it won’t make yours any less special.

Down Memory Lane

Alternatively, you can take the girl you love to your favourite restaurant. Or perhaps the place where you had your first date? Let memories of falling in love come flooding back and then you can take the traditional approach of putting the ring in the champagne glass. Make sure that you pull out all the stops with a band playing her favourite song. Of course, we all know that with this type of proposal it’s the ring that’s most important. You can find the perfect engagement ring for your proposal online. Make sure you look at different cuts before you choose the one that you want.

Up In The Air

Or finally, some guys choose to go sky high with their proposal, quite literally. They rent a hot air balloon and make their declaration of love thousands of feet above the ground. There’s a good reason for this. Many people believe floating in a hot air balloon is as close as you can get to feeling heaven. So, it’s an incredibly romantic gesture.

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