How A Classy Conservatory Could Change Your Life

How A Classy Conservatory Could Change Your Life


I’ll admit that the idea of a conservatory changing your life might seem a little far-fetched. Life changing usually involves something more radical such as a change of diet, career, or even religion. But the reality is that choosing to add a conservatory to your home can give you many options. And in those options, you will have far more choices and ways of working and enjoying your life. You could well consider that life changing. A conservatory can be many things. Why not explore some and see if any could work for you?

It’s an extra room.

A conservatory is an extra room or it is at the very least an extended room. Stop thinking of it a substandard plastic bolt on with a chair or two and a coffee table. It no longer boils in the summer and freezes in the winter. Today’s conservatories are svelte well made, handsome and super efficient. The dividing line between a conservatory and a funky well lit room is negligible. So give up the stereotypes and let it be whatever you can make it. A good conservatory deserves good furniture. Conservatory furniture today is classy and comfortable. It wouldn’t be out of place in your lounge.

It’s a lounge

But a lounge with sunlight and open space. Why not make your conservatory your lounge? Imagine reclining with a book on a comfortable sofa. Your views will more than likely be taking in the garden. You’ll have nature all around you. Everything you have in a lounge could work just as well in the conservatory. At night subtly lit, the space around you will feel magical. You could add lighting to your garden and in the summer, with the doors open, it will be a sumptuous space for you to relax in.

It’s a study or home office

Why tie up the spare room? Why work in a cupboard in the hallway? Don’t bother with the kitchen table. Your conservatory could be a separate, and almost self-contained home office. Doors through the garden could mean that deliveries and even clients have their own separate entrance. You’ll be as separate from and as much a part of the house as you want. It will be quiet and calm. There’ll be room for all your tech and office equipment. If you need to take a break, you could simply step outside.

It’s the best kitchen diner ever.

This will make dining at home a surreal experience. Just imagine what you could lay on with a kitchen that opens out into your conservatory dining room. Imagine the space and light! How great would it be to host a dinner party in this space.? Imagine summer mornings with the doors open to the garden. Breakfast outside without ever leaving the house.

Then again

Your conservatory could simply be your retreat. Your place to lie, read relax and allow your mind to drift. Warm and light in the summer and cozy in the winter. A conservatory can be anything you want it to be and with that, it will without a doubt have the ability to change your life.

Naomi Isted
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