Hottest Miami Beach Fashion Trends You Need To Pack

Miami Beach

From white sand beaches and luxury hotel pool parties to the hottest nightlife in North America, Miami Beach has plenty to offer. However, knowing what to wear, from swimsuits to accessories, for each Miami Beach occasion can be a toss up.

The top Miami Beach fashion trends are often a mix of American, Caribbean, and Latin American, making it some of the hottest fashion around. Not to mention the warm days and need for the perfect bathing suit collection.

You have your plane ticket booked, you have done your research on a few Miami short term rentals, and now it is time to pack. Want to know what is trending? The following beach to club trends may be helpful.

Trending Vintage Bikini Patterns And Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits

If you are taking a Miami Beach vacation, you are probably going for the beach. Miami Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in America with white sand that stretches 50 yards from water to boardwalk in most areas.

Heading to the beach in Miami is more than just a day in the sun and water it is a fashion show. Beautiful women from around the world will be showing off the hottest swimwear, and you can join in on the fun.

One of the most common Miami Beach fashion trends right now is the one-piece swimsuit. But this is not your mother’s one-piece. Fashion designers have made the one-piece sexy, using different patterns for multiple body types. From side cuts to stringy tops, the one-piece has evolved.

Another trending piece of swimwear you should toss into your suitcase is something of the vintage variety. Vintage bikini prints, like bright red polka dots on white or latex gold are making Miami Beach look like a 1960’s James Bond movie. Pack a few variations and make your beach look fantastic.

Keep It Casual And Classy With Jumpsuits

No one is really sure where this Miami Beach fashion trend has come from, some say Brazil, but it is certainly comfortable, casual, and perfect for the heat of South Florida. Great for daytime shopping or going to a fabulous dinner at one of Miami’s many classy restaurants, jumpsuits are a must-pack item.

Jumpsuits are definitely nothing new, but since the 80’s they have kind of fizzled out. That is until now. There are two places in the world right now that have some of the hottest jumpsuits on the face of the Earth — Brazil and Miami.

The jumpsuits of today are light, casual, and make accentuating your best features easy, and yet still quite tasteful. The streets of Miami Beach are full of women rocking exotic patterns and vibrant solid color jumpsuits from lunch till after dinner cocktails.

Rompers and midis are also still trending along the beach. You should pack a few rompers for afternoon fun and exploring, and have a few midis available in your fashion back pocket for late afternoons and dinner parties as well. Be sure to pair your midi with strapped heeled sandals and keep the fabric light and breezy.

Club Attire Is Important In Miami Beach

Miami Beach and Downtown Miami have some of the hottest, most exciting clubs and other nightlife activities in the world. From LIV nightclub to Ultra Miami, there is plenty to do from sunset to sunrise.

The host of celebrities and well-known sports stars that live in Miami is also a draw. It is definitely not uncommon to see a celebrity or two in one of Miami’s clubs. This makes dressing for the night appropriately an absolute fashion must.

What is trending in Miami Beach when it comes to nightlife attire? We got you covered. Interestingly, it is not as wild and crazy as you may think. The mid-thigh length tight cocktail dress is sill hot in Miami. The colors may be more vibrant, but pairing a cocktail dress with designer heels and you are set.

There are a few nightlife fashion variations. Alternate club fashion consists of tight pants and a tight tank, or even just a lazy bra. For more casual fashion jean shorts, tight t-shirt top, and some type of breezy duster will do the trick.

Start Packing For Miami Beach

The above Miami Beach fashion trends will take you from beach to the club. There are plenty of other trends going on, depending on what part of Miami city you are in, but for Miami Beach, pack classy and fierce. What is in your suitcase?






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