Home: How to Create a Strong Sense of Homeliness


It’s easy to assume that ‘home’ is four walls and a roof- however, you can move house many times in your life and still create the same sense of the space being ‘yours.’ This is because home really is a feeling rather than a place, and if you manage to get this just right then your property will feel like the most comforting and wonderful place in the world- regardless of where you live. Maybe you’ve just moved to a new place and want to put your stamp on it or perhaps you want to give things a refresh for the coming colder seasons. Either way, it’s not all about the items that you choose, but the way the items and the overall setup makes you feel. Here’s how you can create a strong sense of homeliness in your property.

Create a feeling of warmth and cosiness

When you think about what home means to you, aside from family you probably think about warmth and cosiness. Now that the autumn weather is kicking in, it’s especially nice to get comfy and relaxed at home. Add soft furnishings to beds and living room furniture- cushions and throws are nice for cuddling up into. A wood stove to burn logs can create a stunning crackling warming fire that creates the feeling of home in every sense of the word.

Think about home fragrances

Scent and fragrance is strongly linked with memory. Have you ever caught a whiff of a smell and it’s instantly transported you back to a previous time in your life? Perhaps smelling cinnamon while walking past a bakery reminds you of cakes that your grandma used to make, or the smell of petrol bringing back fond memories of summer road trips. Select your home scents carefully, choose things that really jump out to you and that you enjoy. At this time of year, seasonal fruits, warming spices, vanilla and tree scents all work well. But choose what you personally love.

Make beautiful memories

Use your home as a place to really enjoy life. Cosy days wrapped up on the sofa with a movie. Dinner parties with friends, special occasions spend celebrating with family. The more positive memories you can create in the space, the more familiar and favourable it will be. You can keep memories alive by displaying photos around your rooms- these help to make the home feel personal and remind you of the good times that you’ve had. Life is stressful enough, your home should never be a place of stress and conflict and instead should be a place to relax and recuperate. Have areas in your home where you know you can go to destress. A lovely bathroom with soft, fluffy towels and luxurious products will allow you to have a hot, pampering bath if you come home stressed. A reading nook would give you a place to curl up with a book or magazine, and of course a comfy bed to sleep in makes everything better!


Naomi Isted
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