Here Comes The Stress: Oh No! But I Say, It’s Alright

Here Comes The Stress: Oh No! But I Say, It’s Alright

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Stress! It is one of the leading causes of some of the biggest health problems we can encounter today. But yet stress can often be brought on by ourselves. There are different versions and scenarios where you perhaps feel stressed. January can certainly put a lot of pressure on people to make changes, and with that pressure, we can feel overwhelmed. I wanted to highlight some of the main causes and symptoms of stress and just put your mind at ease that it’s normal to feel this way sometimes, but don’t let the stress define you. Instead, overcome it and be a stronger person for it.

The most common symptoms of stress

A lot of people can react in different ways to stress. Some people might lose sleep at night because their mind is worrying or over thinking different things. You may struggle to fall asleep and then be too tired and low on energy the next day to motor through. Perhaps you get anxious and start to feel your breath getting shorter. But mostly stress can have a huge impact on your mood and wellbeing. Making you think negatively about a situation and worse still feeling depressed. Stress symptoms can become more advanced and develop into other such things like anxiety, which could start to have an impact on your life if not taken care of soon.

What to do if it all feels too much

Some people can handle their stress levels in different ways. Perhaps they have a stressful job, and the rollercoaster of emotions can change from one day to the next. But sometimes people can find the feelings of stress all too overwhelming and need some help and guidance. This is where you may want to seek some advice from a doctor. However, it can be difficult to get a face to face appointment quickly and so this is when phone applications like Babylon Health can really help.

At home remedies to ease the stress and tension

If you don’t want to discuss the issues with a doctor just yet then considering some things at home or self-help could be the way forward. Figure out what helps you relax. This could be a nice hot bath or read a book to take your mind off things. Alternatively, try exercising regularly or trying out things like yoga or meditation. Working on your thoughts to help clear your mind could actually help negotiate a resolve, rather than feeling like your mind is working overtime.

And remember this

Through the thick of it all, stress can actually be a good thing. It shows you care about what is going on in your life, be that work or home life. You may feel stressed out, but overall these feelings can help you become better at what you do or certainly make you a stronger person in the long term. It is always worth trying to take the positive from any situation.
I hope this helps you to identify any stress you have going on in your life right now.

Naomi Isted
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