Head To Toe Beauty Tips For A Radiant Summer

Head To Toe Beauty Tips For A Radiant Summer

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The summer is the one time of year when we can find ourselves spending more time outdoors than in. But it is also one of the most dangerous times of year for our hair, skin, lips, hands and legs. The sun can be the cause of permanent and deadly skin damage. It can dry out your skin and hair, and cause blisters and burns on all those parts of the body we want to expose to some fresh air. So how can you ensure you look gorgeous, feel fabulous and remain healthy all summer long?

Starting at the top, look after your scalp. Wear a hat when you’re out in the sun for long periods of time. This will stop the sun burning your scalp and your hair. It can also reduce the risk of heat stroke and other illnesses common with hot weather. A wide brimmed hat will prevent your nose, face, neck and shoulder tops from burning too. Of course, you will still need to make sure you’re looking after your scalp and hair with good quality styling products.

When you’re outside, your hair can easily be tangled by the breeze. To stay looking neat and tidy, you may choose to wear your hair in an upstyle. But in the evenings, it is always nice to release your tresses and let them fall down naturally around your face. If you’re going to straighten or curl your hair so it continues to stay neat and tidy, make sure you use the best heat protectant for natural hair. Many of us are realising that even blow drying or the heat of the sun can be damaging the hair, so heat protectants are ideal for reducing this risk.


Your face can be very sensitive to changes in the amount of sunlight it receives. Lips, in particular, can suffer from the dry heat and intensity of the sun’s rays. Like every other part of your body, it is so important to use UV protection to prevent burning, damage, and cancer. There are several really good lip balms available right now. Some offer enhanced moisturisation to help keep them plump and soft all year round.

The skin on your face will need cooling if you have been in the sun too long. You can try cooling sprays that contain no chemicals and can be safe on other areas of your skin too. Colour palettes for the summer are always lighter and pinker than winter browns and golds. But the heat may make you appear quite rosy so reduce the amount of blush you use. BB cream can help reduce the appearance of redness when it occurs, but staying cool with cold drinks could be best.

Summer parties are the perfect opportunity to overindulge on barbecue food and alcohol. But alcohol in the heat can be quite dangerous. When it is particularly warm, the effects of alcohol on your body can be magnified. Drinking plenty of cool water can help reduce this effect, and it will ensure the alcohol doesn’t cause dehydration. As for the food, maybe an extra workout in the week will offset that yummy feast?

Body hair removal is a part of summer most of us would happily live without. There are several ways to tackle it. You could use creams but be wary of sunbathing for the first couple of hours afterward. Shaving leaves the silkiest soft finish, but may scrape off the essential oils and moisture from your skin, leaving you prone to burning. Waxing is the best way to tidy up tricky areas and offers prolonged hair free softness. Epilators are more convenient, but can sometimes promote ingrown hairs. Laser treatments are ineffective on many hair types and take several months to see results.

After removing hair, be sure to keep the skin fresh and free of dead, dry cells. Exfoliation is a good way to achieve this. You will also need to use a good moisturiser. For those of us with paler skin, there are some great moisturisers offering a hint of colour. This can be the safest way to achieve that radiant glow on the skin without having to use a tanning bed or a sunbathing session under the sun. For deeper colours, try some self-tanning oils that also offer some good UV protection.

Many of us are in sandals or barefoot in the summer. Use a pedicure machine to remove dried skin, and paint your nails in gloriously vivid colours. Even feet need a bit of moisture, so make the most of your favourite foot balm. And even if you’re not keen on baths, give those beautiful feet a pampering soak each week. Love the summer.

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