HD Brows

HD Brows

“What is HD Brows?” I sometimes get asked, so I thought I would talk you through one of the beauty enhancement services I offer.

HD Brows is the unique, seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It involves an innovative combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading where each treatment can last up to 6 weeks.

Your eyebrows are a vital part of your personality. Not only do they frame your face, over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them. And that’s why the right brow shape and colour can take years off you.

As a Makeup artist, eyebrow shaping is very important to complete a look so I decided to invest in the training a little over a year ago when HD Brows was just starting to appear on the TV and in magazines. I was taught by Nilam Patel the founder of HD brows who has a fantastic clinic and training centre in Milton Keynes and a long list of celebrity clients. This is what to expect when booking the treatment with myself…

As I’m freelance and come to you I will find out as much as I can over the phone about your brow concerns  and what time of hair growth you have at that time and what sort of look you want to achieve.  I even get some clients to text me over a picture!  I will give my honest opinion if I think HD Brows is for you. I will also discuss any medical conditions that may exclude you from having the treatment.

The advice I give prior to every first HD Brow treatment with me is to grow your brows as much as you can beforehand (horrible I know)! then the results will hopefully be more visibly effective the first time you have them done.

Below is a before and after picture of a recent client of mine who totally over plucked her eyebrows so much that they were literally just a very thin line of fair hair.She wanted her thick eyebrows back so I advised her to grow them for a good few weeks and to then see what we could achieve from the first  treatment then.

Before HD Brows

After HD Brows

She was very lucky that her hair did grow back and after the first treatment we nearly achieved a full brow look where only a touch of powdering in was needed in some sparse areas. During my next few visits I showed her what areas still needed to grow and left a few stray hairs there to build on. I also showed her where she should pencil/powder in the meantime and not to pluck them!

Some clients have hardly any hair where overtime their brows have been so over plucked and never grown back so I would ask them to try a HD Brow products called ‘Grow Baby Grow’ for a few weeks. If this is not successful I will tell them that these areas will probably never grow and that I can only show them how to pencil/powder in to achieve a full brow look.  Then I will also advise them if they wanted something more permanent that maybe they should consider semi permanent makeup.

The HD Brow treatment:

Once my consultation is completed on the telephone and my client wants to book the treatment I will then ask them to do a patch test 48 hours prior to the appointment and that I will send this to them in the post.  The patch test is like a small transfer that needs to be applied to the inner forearm.

I will provisionally book the appointment and await confirmation that they have received the patch test and everything was fine.

At the client’s house the treatment will start…

Step 1 – Consultation
A consultation card will need to be completed by the client.
The client will complete and sign this.I will look at the client’s brows and go over any concerns again and what they’re hoping to achieve and how dark they would like them.  I will advise the client that I may need to leave hair in certain areas of the brow and this may look a little untidy as these areas we would need more growth overtime to complete the full brow shape.  This may happen over a few treatments.  I also advise them that they may appear darker which may concern them at first, as this is something they are not used to seeing but I promise they will love them even more the next day!

Step 2 – Tinting.
The tint is then applied quite thick on the brow for a few minutes. This will even out and darken the hair. This will also help thin brows appear thicker by the tint picking up the very fine downy facial hairs around the brow area.

Step 3 – Waxing

Wax is applied and removed with wax strips to start to create the shape.  An after lotion called Comfort Me is then applied after to soothe the area.

Step 4 – Trimming
Special scissors are used to trim any of the client’s unruly hair to create a more streamline look.

Step 5 – Threading
Threading is used to remove the tell tale line from the waxing and to blend the hair.

Step 6 – Tweezering
Tweezering is used to remove any stray hairs and to perfect the brow.

Step 7 – Finish
The brows are finished with a tonic to clean and to close the follicles of the brow.  Then I would apply a mineral foundation to the brow are.  This is to disguise the redness and also contains an SPF for sun protection against the waxed area. An SPF is very important to reapply when going out in the sun for the next 24 hours to avoid damaging the skin and developing pigmentation
I will then use HD Brows ‘Brow Beater’ to set the hair in place and fill in any gaps with my ‘HD Brow palette’.

An aftercare card is given to the client with what products I have used throughout the treatment and the do’s and donts for the next 24/72 hours.  This also has an eyebrow diagram to show which areas I have powdered in to help the client to do it themselves.

Here’s a recent picture from a shoot which I done the makeup and HD Brows for.  The treatment was done a couple of days prior to the shoot and on the day I used the Pro HD Brow Pallet to define the brows more and also used the dark colour from the pallet on the eyes as a shadow.

HD Brows

If you would like to view more of my HD Brow work please visit my Facebook Page

You can also buy some of the HD Brow Products mentioned in this Blog on my online Facebook Page shop.

I hope all of those who haven’t been converted to HD Brows yet find this read useful and I’ve answered a few of your questions regarding this fantastic treatment.

I also hope that you will be booking the treatment soon with a HD Brow technician in your area!
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Love Jo x

Jo Coletta
Jo Coletta is a London based freelance Hair & Makeup Artist whose recent credits include regular on line and print editorials and advertising campaignsWorking with the Ultimate Lifestylist Naomi Isted for the past few years as her Hair & Makeup Artist Jo has attended numerous celebrity events and worked very closely with Naomi for her hit international TV series Harley Street Beauty.She can be seen regularly assisting back stage at London Fashion Week and Mens Collections and most recently was the key Makeup Artist for Ravensbourne College catwalk show for Graduate Fashion Week.With a keen eye for the latest trends in Fashion, Beauty, Hair & Makeup Jo loves to share her beauty and makeup tips and experiences via her online social media.Jo is extremely proud to be a contributor at The Ultimate Lifestylist and encourages and looks forward to all the readers feedback and comments.


  1. I had HD brows done yesterday. The beautician said the idea isn’t to style too thin. I had quite thick brows before. My eyebrows are a nice shape but have been maybe too shaped underneath as my family say I look shocked! How long will it take to grow the hairs bAck and/or how can I disguise the thinness?

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your message and visiting my Blog.
    If the hair underneath has recently been removed then this should grow back within a few weeks. I’m afraid in this time you will have to leave your brows alone, but you can powder or pencil in to disguise the growth and make the area appear thicker.
    If the hair has never grown in these areas you could try Grow Baby Grow by HD Brows, which may help stimulate growth. If this is not successful then I’m afraid the only option to make this area to appear thicker is by semi permanent tattooing or by powdering/penciling in.
    The HD Brow Palette I would definitely recommend to use to powder in your brows while your hair is growing and for more of a dramatic look, as it’s a lovely to work with. Also it can double up as an eye shadow.
    For more info on tattooing you can visit
    And for HD Brow products, you can buy online at:

    Hope that helps and let me know how you get on.
    Jo xx

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