Have Yourself a Cosy Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Cosy Little Christmas

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Time spent at home surrounded by family and friends is what Christmas is all about. And so making your home as warm, inviting and homely as possible is important for both your and your guests. Here are just a few of the ways you can make your home look and feel ultra cosy, and have yourself the most wonderful little Christmas.

Clean, Tidy and Declutter

Starting with a fresh and clean blank canvas is always a good idea. With two weeks until the festive season begins, you could start early and go through things at your own pace. It’s nice to do a full spring clean at the beginning of each season since items can accumulate so quickly. Before you know it you can be left with all kinds of clutter in cupboards and drawers! When new things are coming into the home due to Christmas presents, it makes sense to get rid of the old to make way for this. Deep cleaning and even a spot of light DIY such as touching up paintwork or finishing any odd jobs will make sure everything is spic and span, and the home is fully functioning. This will give you the very best result when you put up your Christmas decorations.

Get The Lighting Right

Before even thinking about your Christmas lighting, get your room lighting right. This will help to set the mood and ambiance in the rooms and done well will make everywhere feel warm and cosy. Ensure that you have at least a couple of light sources in the form of table and floor lamps. Experiment with different bulb brightness levels to see what works best, or buy a lamp which allows you to brighten or dim the light. Then, of course, stringing up plenty of fairy lights is the perfect way to finish the look. As well as having lights on your tree, you could wind some around your banister and even over mirrors. Since battery powered LED lights are so easy to find now, it gives you more flexibility in how to use them. No fighting over plug sockets!

Think About Home Fragrance

Scents evoke powerful memories and emotions, and so they’re an excellent way to make your home feel extra cosy and festive. The smell of home baking at Christmas is always amazing. But even if you’re not doing any baking yourself you can make it feel like you are with scents like gingerbread and cinnamon. You could choose fresh Christmas scents like pine needles or peppermint, or go with something warm and fruity like spiced apple. Sites like Yankee Candle have a huge selection to choose from, or you could keep an eye out in high street shops and even in supermarkets. Reed diffusers, plug-in air fresheners, potpourri, and even essential oils dabbed onto radiators can all release incredible scents and make your home feel cosy and perfect.

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Create a Christmas Playlist

Another way you can bring an incredible Christmas cosiness to your home is by playing festive music. Even just having this on low while you do your housework and get on with other things throughout December is bound to put you in a great mood! We all have our favourites and least favourites, so creating your own playlist is the best way to go. You could do this on Youtube for free, or create a list on iTunes or Spotify. If you’re going to be playing music through your phone, buying a bluetooth speaker to improve the sound quality could be a good idea.

Pile on The Soft Furnishings

When you’re spending chilly evenings and lazy weekends curled up on the sofa watching Christmas movies, you need to seating area to be as comfy as possible! Snuggly throws and blankets and big squashy cushions not only makes everywhere look homely but make you feel extra cosy too. Then all you need to do is wrap up in warm pyjamas with a hot drink, and you’re good to go! Adding rugs to the floors is another good way to bring the room together and make it feel warmer, not just for the festive season but for all year too. Another tip to consider is buying thicker curtains for the autumn and winter. They’ll block out the harsh winter light when you’re trying to watch tv, and will also prevent any draughts getting in. If you’re not keen on heavy curtains all year, you could always switch them out with a lighter pair or some voiles over the spring and summer.

Make Space For Your Tree

If you’re lucky enough to have space in your home for the Christmas tree to slot in perfectly, you’re already a step ahead. But if not, you’ll need to make room. Rather than cramming it in and making the room look uncomfortably full (or putting it in an impractical spot such as blocking the tv), make room instead. Maybe you could move a sideboard or unit, and either take it apart and store it or simply move it to another room. If you have an armchair that no-one uses much, you could carefully cover it over and put it in the garage. Having a proper space for your tree will make the room look so much nicer, and you won’t be fed of squeezing past it or it getting in the way after the first week. Choosing a tree that’s right for the space is also important. For example, if you have high ceilings then a tall tree will look spectacular, if not it may look a little overbearing. If you have a large room with lots of space, a wide bushy tree would be the ideal choice. In smaller rooms, something a little smaller and narrower would work better. If you have a tiny space, you can buy ‘corner Christmas trees’ which give the impression of a full tree but fit right into a tight corner. Have a think about your space and layout and what would work best.

Keep It Warm

When it’s freezing outside your home is your little sanctuary, so keeping it warm is crucial. If you’re lucky enough to have a real wood burning fire at home, now is probably the time you’re going to start using it. So make sure you’re well stocked up with firewood. If you use a regular central heating system, you could have it serviced and checked over by a company like One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. That way you don’t run the risk of it cutting out over the Christmas season or worse- on a bank holiday like Christmas Day or new years day!

Invest In Christmas Bedding

Chances are most of your Christmas decorations will be in your main living space. So why not bring a little festivity to your bedroom too? A good way to do this is with Christmas bedding. It doesn’t have to be really tacky or garish, Nordic Fairisle print is a nice one and can look classy and neutral while still being Christmassy. You could remove the covers on the scatter cushions on your bed and replace them with festive designs. If you have framed prints or a gallery wall, you could swap these with seasonal ones. Places like Etsy do stunning gold foil designs which is a classy way to bring a bit of Christmas to your bedroom. The good thing about pieces like this is they’ll last you for ages. Once you’re done with them, carefully wrap and store them, and you can bring them out each year.

Treat Yourself To Festive Food and Drink

Christmas is, of course, the season of food and drink. So you can treat yourself to something a little more indulgent without feeling bad (after all, that new year diet/ heathy eating plan will soon be here in full force!) It could be a shot of Bailey’s in your hot chocolate or a mince pie with your coffee. These are the kinds of things we only usually have over Christmas, so they can help us to feel extra festive.

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Enjoy Festive Activities at Home

Make your cosy Christmas at home extra special by arranging some fun, festive activities. You could throw a Christmas party at some point in December. You could invite a friend or family member round for a baking day. If you have children or young relatives, spend an afternoon doing crafts with them- Pinterest has loads of ideas. You could even make a day out of decorating the tree. Put some mulled wine in the slow cooker and some Christmas music on and really make the most of getting out the decorations and making the house look pretty. You’ll have fun, make memories and get to enjoy your cosy home.

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How do you make your home feel extra cosy for yourself and guests over Christmas time? Have you started preparing for the festive season yet?

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