Have You Remembered EVERYTHING for Your Wedding Day?

Have You Remembered EVERYTHING for Your Wedding Day?

When it comes to wedding planning, there is so much to think about. You need to consider everything to make sure your guests have a great day. However, whilst most people think about the big things like their dress, the venue and the food. Yet there are other things which get easily forgotten. If you are in the stages of planning your wedding, take these tips into account.


The weather

People get really consumed in finding the perfect reception venue. They think about how gorgeous it will look and what beautiful photos they will capture on the grounds. However, anyone who has ever been to a wedding will know that the weather is never something you can rely on. If you have big plans for everything to be outdoors, bear in mind that it could rain. It is best to chat with your venue about an alternative if it does rain. If you prepare for the worst you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.



Many people consider the photographer, but they don’t always think about whether they want it on video. Do you want to be able to reply your wedding day whenever you want? If you do, then you need to think about getting a videographer. This is one of the ways to create a memory that can’t be erased from your wedding day. Take the time to do the research into finding a good videographer and check their work out. See if you like their style and if they captured big moments in the way you liked.


If you have transport hired for you and your partner to get from the wedding venue to reception, are your guests able to make it too? If your wedding and reception are all in the same place, that is nice and simple. However, I have been to weddings where the reception was miles away from the wedding venue. The bride and groom had left guests to fend for themselves. If you can’t afford transport for everyone, this is fine. But you have to make sure you have give your guests instructions on how to get to the reception. In the invitation you can include the number of ways to reach the venue as well as numbers for taxi companies. Alternatively, if you have a bigger budget, you could think about getting coaches or buses to transport your guests.


Somewhere safe for gifts and cards

If you are getting married, you are guaranteed to get gifts. It is just a part of the day. But think about a safe place you can store cards and gifts. You want somewhere that people can place their gifts easily. You also want something easy to pick up to get your cards home without too much hassle. I have been to weddings where the couple used a bird cage. And another wedding I attended they built their own model home with a slot to push cards through. It is worth designating one of your friends or family to collect this and keep it safe for you.  

Naomi Isted
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