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Taiwan has a thriving community of young designers making their mark in the world of modern design. Like their counterparts in the West, Taiwanese designers are products of a thriving art school system, with traditional crafts on one hand, and cutting edge technologies on the other.

Haoshi, which comes from the words Hao Shi meaning ‘good things’, is a growing company built on this combination of technology and tradition. Established in 2009, the four members of the team specialise in modelling life-like animals and birds that are the basis of rings, necklaces and other pieces of stunning jewellery. Recently they’ve turned their attention to designing and making unusual clocks and lamps.

Haoshi Goldfish Clock

Goldfish Clock – A beautifully fluid design which depicts nine ‘swimming’ goldfish moving around a central clock face. Goldfish are considered animals of luck and wealth in Eastern culture and the number nine represents fortune. As the shadows of the day move across your wall, the goldfish will look as though they are coming alive and moving around the clock. This item also comes with a diagram that shows you where to place each goldfish on the wall so you can get the full effect.


Silhouette Necklaces – Fans of all things quirky and unique in fashion will adore these distinctive silhouette necklaces. These detailed and very unusual pieces of jewellery are designed to create shadows across your skin when you wear them and come in a number of designs, including vines, birds and fish varieties. As statement pieces go, you are unlikely find anything quite like this on the market today.


Haoshi Animal Rings

Animal Rings – Created with amazing attention to detail, these animal rings are simple yet elegant. They come in a wide choice of designs, including both domestic and wild animals. The alligator and hippo rings pictured above come as two-finger style rings but you can also get single-finger rings in a variety of different ring sizes.



But it’s the Swallow Clock that’s perhaps the most eye-catching of Haoshi’s recent offerings.  Twelve cast resin birds circle a clock, giving the illusion that they are flapping their wings in harmony. Swallows are said to represent luck and hope and make a wonderful addition to any room, particularly a bedroom or study. This amazing clock also comes with a wall diagram which shows you precisely where to place each bird in motion.

There is definitely something poetic about Haoshi and their creations. Haoshi often adds a story to each of their product descriptions, such as the Swallow Clock; ‘Although time flies like the birds, but capturing every moment and seize the day will make life fly beautifully as these swallows towards a better tomorrow. Swallow symbolizes luck and hope, may this clock give you the wings of good fortune and make you fly up high in life’.

If you would like to own one of these stunning Haoshi designs, there is a select number of UK stockists available, including Object & line in Lincoln and Cox and Cox in Frome.

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