Hack Your Sleep With These Dream Tips

Hack Your Sleep With These Dream Tips

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At night while we are sleeping, we can live some of our wildest fantasies in our dreams. Once you shut your eyes and get some shuteye, you might find that you end up living in a huge mansion with a butler or you are dating a famous celebrity. It can be quite disappointing when you wake up and discover that it was all just a dream! But even though our dreams are just flights of fancy, they can be very fun and can even provide you with some well-deserved respite from the seriousness of the real world. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell your mind exactly what you want to dream about each night? Well, you will be happy to hear that you can! In fact, there are several ways you can influence your dreams each night. Here are some of my top tips for doing so. Who knows where you will end up during your sleep?!

Fall Asleep Quickly

Have you always wanted to lucid dream? This means that we are completely in control during our dreams. Usually, our dreams just play out like a film in front of our eyes while we are sleeping. However, with lucid dreams, we are in charge and can do whatever we want and go where we want to in our dream world! There are numerous ways you can induce lucid dreams, but many people find that dropping off quickly helps. To make sure you nod off as speedily as possible, you should ensure your bed is comfortable with things like plump pillows, soft bed linen, and a firm mattress from the likes of mattress specialists, John Ryan by Design. It also helps to get your bedroom at an optimum temperature. If it is too warm or too cold, you will be a lot more likely to stay awake. So before you get into bed, be sure to play around with your heating.

Play Sounds

Have you ever heard the ticking of your clock in a dream? This happens because real life sounds can make their ways into the dream. This occurs to prevent you from waking up. Rather than being disturbed by the sounds, the body simply incorporates them into its dreams. And these sounds and noises can sometimes dictate what we dream about.Lots of sleep experts say that if you play your favorite record while you are sleeping, this can have a big effect on your dream content. White noise is also used during sleep to help people dream more often. It works because it helps people fall asleep and its soothing sound allows for an organic sleep.

Sleeping Position

There are lots of theories that state sleeping in certain positions can have a huge influence on your dreams. For example, some studies have shown that those who sleep on their stomachs are much more likely to dream about sex. Studies also show that staying in the same position through the dream will help you remember it a lot more vividly when you wake up. Do you get very annoyed when you wake in the middle of a dream to go to the bathroom and then find you don’t start dreaming from where you left off once you fall asleep? Well, lots of sleep experts think that falling back asleep in the same position will help you re-enter the same dream.

Your Overall Moods

It’s not surprising to hear that your overall mood and state of mind will influence your dream content. The biggest thing it can affect is the color scheme of your dreams. People who are depressed tend to dream in muted tones, and they find that their dreams can be fairly dark. In fact, black and white dreams are often seen as a symbol of depression. If you are currently going through a very emotional period, you will also find that you dream about weather a lot more. It is widely thought that weather dreams are strongly connected to real life emotions. For instance, if you are relaxed and have a clear mind, you will find that you dream about clear, sunny days. However, those who are stressed and upset will often dream about dark, cloudy days and thunderstorms.

There is so much to say about influencing dreams, but I don’t have the room to do so in this blog post! However, you will find lots more research and information about the study of dreams online. The more you research, the better your dreams will be!

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