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As we all know I have been an avid user and lover of hair extensions for nearly 10 years now, experimenting with the good the bad and the damn right ugly over the years. From my part, a lot of ugly circumstances were due to impatience and a lack of research and  understanding. For most women their hair means everything to them and I felt my world crumbled years ago when a horrendous hairdresser chopped and dyed my locks in the most unruly fashion I was utterly devastated. But of course there’s always a solution in this
day and age so I choose to have hair extensions fitted. Now, travelling the world with work doesn’t help for consistency using the same hairdresser, it can be hard to find a great hairdresser in different corners of the world. This being said is where the bad circumstances would arise when I’d feel I need my hair re-done and didn’t have the patience to wait till I was back in the UK so ended up booking in with who-ever I could find, that I believed from my impression as a client seemed good.

So lets just say (bearing that in mind) there were quite a few instances after I’d had extensions where I had a classic mushroom hairstyle, bulging natural hair and straggly extension ends or the hairdresser had used horrendous hair which was supposedly real but evidently not.

A growing number of female celebrities in this day and age have extensions but only a trained eye would recognize this as their hair is so incredibly glossy, natural and there’s no way of knowing.

So I was utterly determined to learn more about hair extensions and find the very best in the business to educate us on why there’s such an incredible difference to hair extensions and what to look for if your looking for perfectly natural hair, whether it be for volume, length, both or even a subtle introduction of a different colour.

After years of searching, I felt honoured to work with the lovely Hair stylist to the stars Inanch London when filming for Harley Street Beauty. Her years of expertise are obvious when her clients pass you in the reception and walk out with stunning swishing locks.

With over 12 years experience in the specialist field of hair extensions, Award winning Hair Extensions Expert and Great Lengths UK Hair Extensionist of the Year, Inanch Emir, has built a global reputation for delivering amazing results with 100% human hair extension applications, giving clients and celebrities the hair they’ve always dreamed of having! Acclaimed by Hairdressers Journal International as a leading example of a “hair extensions expert” and as “one of the UK’s leading hair extensionists”; hailed as “our hair extensions fairy” by Vogue magazine’s beauty editors and as a “hair extensions makeover magician” by Creative Head magazine, Inanch is continuously sought after from around the world by celebrities, beauty editors and clients for her superior hair extensions application techniques and precision hair styling.

Her list of celebrity clients who have had hair extensions include Hollywood TV Actress Mischa Barton, supermodel Eva Herzigova, Reality TV Stars Amy Childs, Michelle Heaton and Dani Behr, former Miss Great Britain and Glamour Model Danielle Lloyd, Model & TV Presenter Naomi Millbank-Smith, Glamour Model Nicola McLean, Socialite Peaches Geldof and Rock Singer/Musician Courtney Love.

So the key to great hair extensions is now evident: A talented hairstylist, a great quality of hair brand and good maintenance using the correct products.

After wearing my gorgeous Great Lengths hair extensions fitted by Inanch for roughly 4 months it was time to have them removed. When having hair extensions regularly, you can either have them removed one week and give your hair time to breath then have them refitted a few weeks later or do as I do and have them taken out and refitted the same day. We were also conveniently filming the importance of safe removal techniques the same day with Inanch as she is our Resident Hair Expert on Harley Street Beauty. Who better to talk
about it than the presenter herself? As I know from experience ladies.

So the removal of my extensions was super quick and totally painless, Inanch took out over 200 extensions in less than an hour and I was so taken aback at how lovely my own hair felt after the removal.

No horrible lumps or clumps no harsh reminants of glue dragging through my hair. My hair has grown considerably and felt in great condition because of various factors.

Please think about this ladies if you are planning on having hair extensions, its important you care for your hair properly:

1 – My hairdresser has great expertise and skill in this field

2- The Keratin bonds are kinder on the hair and easier to remove.

3- The brand is a leader in the field and has a great reputation.

4 – Going back to the same salon means my hairdresser knew what sort of extensions and brand they had already fitted and consequently had the correct removal products to make the process an enjoyable relaxing process. Not time consuming.

It’s so important to listen to your hairdresser and use the brushes and products they recommend.

I then had my Great Lengths Extensions done and we opted for a slightly shorter style this time with a few lighter shades. I had approx. 170 strands of 50cm but Inanch styled my hair so it has a lovely cut and is closer to 40cm’s now using a combination of Number 8/ Number 84. Great Lengths Keratin bonds are infused to the client’s existing hair with the Great Lengths heated applicator, which is less heat than a curling iron. The applicator simply moulds the bond around the client’s own hair. The bond is so tiny and
lightweight that it is virtually undetectable and causes no stress whatsoever on the clients own hair. Interestingly, the Keratin bonds used by Great Lengths are patented and specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair which enables it to expand and contract with the client’s hair shaft. So with all that being said. I love love love my Great Length Hair Extensions Courtesy of the incredibly talented Inanch London.

Oh wow I love my new hair and am so happy at how my own hair is growing and the perfect condition its in.

Thanks to Inanch, Joe and all the team at Inanch London for their patience while filming for Harley Street Beauty we look forward to working with their team to educate women on the importance of quality hair and going to experienced technicians. Its always a joy working with you guys.Oh and I can’t forget to say thanks for the most amazing head massage by the incredibly sweet Myla who is training with Inanch to become a hair extensionist.

Stay tuned ladies Harley Street Beauty is going to be incredibly informative if you love all things hair, beauty and celebrity!! for more details.

Written by Beauty and Entertainment Presenter Naomi Isted for Harley Street Beauty TV Series SKY 266 currently airing on Wedding TV UK, produced by Blondie Media Productions.

Naomi Isted
Editor in Chief, Naomi Isted is known as The Ultimate Lifestylist to her readers and viewers. She is a TV Presenter and Columnist. Ranked in the Top 100 LFW Social Media Influencers AW14 & SS15, Brand Ambassador for Pears Soap UK. Her Celebrity beauty TV Series currently airs to 27million homes on Physique TV in UAE, previously on Wedding TV in the UK. She brings fashion and beauty advice to her readers and viewers on a daily basis. She is Fashion and Beauty Columnist for Herald Scotland and has a Fashion and Beauty Bridal Blog for HELLO. She can usually be found attending celebrity fashion and beauty events in and around London and sharing the latest fashion and beauty trends with her readers.

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