Great Gifts to Ask Your Boyfriend For

Great Gifts to Ask Your Boyfriend For


Asking for specific gifts can seem a little rude to some people. But it’s actually a very sensible thing to do. Some people can get themselves into a tizzy trying to choose the perfect present. And they don’t always know what to get. It can be a bit unfair to expect everyone to be a mindreader, and then be disappointed when they get it wrong. Next time a gift-giving occasion comes up for you, don’t just drop hints. You can ask for something outright, especially if someone asks you what you want. But it’s difficult when you need to be wary of their budget. Here are some of the affordable gifts you could ask for from your boyfriend or significant other.

Beauty Products

Whether there’s something you need or just something you want, beauty products are always a good idea. They can be inexpensive but still provide you with something you’ve been meaning to buy. Don’t leave your boyfriend to go rummaging around your supplies, though. Make it easier for him by giving him some ideas of what you want. If you don’t want to tell him directly, get a friend to do it. They can tell him to get a whitening skin spa box for his girlfriend, or whatever it is you want. That way, you can tell him almost directly but without outright asking for what you want.


Food and tasty treats can easily make an affordable and special gift. It won’t be something that will last a long time, but presents don’t have to be things you can keep. You could ask for a cake or some biscuits, either from a nice bakery or made specially by him. Perhaps he could cook you dinner as your gift or just give you something that you love to eat.

Books and Movies

Everyone likes either watching movies or reading books, if not both. And both of them make fairly inexpensive presents. Many of us might now download our books and movies, but it’s still great to have a physical copy sometimes. You could ask for the new novel by your favourite author. Or it could be a movie you loved in the cinema that’s coming out on DVD or Blu Ray. It’s something you can keep enjoying again and again, even after you’ve watched or read it for the first time.

An Experience

If you’re shy about asking for possessions, why not think of something you would like to do? You can ask your boyfriend to go somewhere with you so you can both have a great time. Maybe there’s a restaurant you’ve been wanting to visit or just somewhere nearby where you’d like to have a day out. It could be something you’ll both enjoy doing, or maybe his gift to you will be putting up with something he doesn’t really find fun! It’s a good compromise if you don’t feel comfortable asking your boyfriend to buy you things.

You don’t have to ask for huge gifts if your boyfriend asks you what you want. Think of something affordable that you’ll still love instead.

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