Going Under The Knife: Everything You Need To Know About Breast Surgery

imageGoing Under The Knife: Everything You Need To Know About Breast Surgery


As women, we are incredibly self-conscious about our bodies, especially our breasts. While they might look and feel great at age 22, by the time we are 30 and have breastfed our children, our breasts have changed.

Just like how our bodies change as we age, so do our breasts, and for many women, these changes are hard to cope with. For women who struggle to cope with their ‘new’ aging or post-childbirth body, surgery is the perfect option.

While some people are anti-cosmetic surgery, if it makes you feel better about your body, we are all for it. It’s your body; you have to live with it, so it’s important that you are happy with how it looks.

That being said, making the decision to go under the knife is a big deal, and not something that you should take lightly. Just like with any surgical procedure, there are risks that come with it, and it’s important to realize that.

To ensure that you know what is involved with a breast procedure, here is our guide to everything that you need to know:

Your decision should be personal
Don’t let anyone else affect your decision to get a breast surgery, what you want to do is up to you. Just make sure that before going under the knife, that you are getting breast surgery for you, not for anyone else.

Body confidence comes from loving yourself, so it’s crucial that getting breast surgery is what you want. If you don’t love your new breasts, then your body confidence could take a hit, so make sure you are 100 percent sure before going ahead.

Understand that there is still stigma
Despite the fact that cosmetic surgery has become much more popular, there is still some stigma attached to it.

However, this shouldn’t be the case, it’s your decision to make, no one else’s. Don’t let other people put you off of getting breast surgery, as long as you are happy with it, that is all that matters.

Choose your size and shape carefully
When it comes to having surgery on your breasts, such as breast implants, there is a lot that needs to be considered. From the size of your new breasts to the shape, there are lots of things that you need to think about.

Most surgeons suggest opting for smaller implants so that your breasts aren’t too large. You see, if your breasts become too large, this can lead to back pain, which, of course, you don’t want.  You should also obviously make time to research your surgeon.

As well as the size of your new breasts, you also need to consider the shape, and the material used. Breast implants come in two shapes; round and tear-drop shaped, as well as in two materials – silicone and saline. To find out which shape and material is best for you, ask your surgeon to talk you through the pros and cons of each option.

Going under the knife for a breast procedure is a big deal, so make sure to take the time to think things through properly. To ensure that you get the best results from your procedure, it’s important that you think about the shape and size of your new breasts.

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