Gifts For When You Want Off The Wedding Registry

Gifts For When You Want Off The Wedding Registry

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The bride and groom might very well want something off the wedding registry and, for a lot of people, the option to pick out something preselected can be a great help. However, if you want to go for something truly heartfelt, you might want to go the extra mile. As well as choosing some item from the registry, you can go rogue and pick out something extra that packs the emotional punch you’re worried might be missing. Here, we’ll look at some great ideas that will surprise and warm the hearts of that happy couple.

A helping hand

If you’re particularly close to the couple, whether a family member or a very close friend, then one of the best gifts you might be able to offer is your time. Make sure you’re that super close, however. Couples might not comfortable with input from just about anyone, of course. But the fact is that they probably do need help planning the wedding. Make it an early wedding gift that you can help them find a vendor or visit a venue or offer a second opinion whenever they need it. You’re certain to get a lot of gratitude and a stronger relationship with them when it’s all said and done.

All they need to remember the big day

The big day might not have happened yet but you can be relatively certain that it’s a day that they’ll want to remember for a long time to come. You can help them do that, as well. For instance, you can decorate a digital photo frame to theme it with their wedding so they have a place to store all the digital copies of their photos and have the wedding day play over and over again in the comfort of their own home. If you don’t mind waiting until after the wedding to give a little extra, why not make a memory box to celebrate the day? You can piece together things like petals from one of the flowers and all sorts of other knick-knacks so they have the physical memories to cherish forever after the wedding.

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Get personal

One of the most wonderful experiences a newlywed couple will have is being referred to as a married couple. Whether they have a shared “Mr & Mrs” surname or they keep individual surnames or hyphenate it, it’s a lovely thing to be called by Mr & Mrs and to feel that new link really settle in. You can capitalize on that feeling with one of the many personalised wedding gifts you can find for them. Towels, plates, their very own personalised champagne. Something that commemorates the first time they can share that title will be sure to give them the butterflies.

Shared experiences

All relationships are made stronger by spending time together and having experiences that are unique to them. So, why not help them create one of those experiences? For instance, one way couples get to enjoy valuable time with one another is to get into a new hobby together. You might consider getting them a subscription to a tennis club or to a cookery course. If it’s the latter, you might even be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour at their next dinner party. That might be perhaps a touch self-serving, but who said you can’t also enjoy your own gift! Of course, the most important part of it is that you’re helping to keep the relationship going strong and to keep new experiences a big part of it even when they’re married.

Date night

It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that they ‘do’ together, either. It can just as easily be the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company with a fine meal and a great atmosphere. All couples know that the opportunities to enjoy a date night sort of drift off as a relationship goes on. Most couples will find those opportunities as best they can and arrange little dates to keep the fires going well into a marriage. You can take money out of the occasion, however, and give them tickets to enjoy a restaurant you know they love. It will make it a lot easier to keep those date nights going in future.

Gifts that hit them right in the nostalgia

What about dates they’ve been on in the past? If you’ve been close to the couple for a long time, then they have undoubtedly told you about special moments they’ve shared in the past. It might be a first meeting spot, a particularly romantic date, or even when they first got engaged. Keep an ear out for those stories and remember them. They can make for some of the most heartfelt gifts that they might not have even thought of themselves. If one of their biggest days together was at a certain beach, for instance, then you can use seashells or sand from the beach to create a locket with immense nostalgia value. Or visit a restaurant they’ve been to in the past and see if you can’t buy them something with the restaurant’s brand.

The adventures they’ll have

A good marriage is all about sharing a fulfilling life with one another. But adventures have to be a big part of that shared life, as well. If you know a couple that can’t seem to get enough of that adventure, particularly by travelling, then you can help them celebrate and imagine the next trip they’ll take with one another. There are maps, for instance, that allow travellers to personalise them, marking off one destination they’ve been to after the other. Then you can get jealous when you go to their home and see all the wonderful places they’ve marked off together.

Hopefully, the tips above are going to help you find something that isn’t on the registry and is also perfect even for those couples who seem to have everything together and planned out. Being able to surprise someone even on the biggest day of their life is a joy like none other.

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