Gifts For Every Personality

Finding a gift that is both personal and individual is a tough task for many. But knowing the personality of your recipient gives you a head start when it comes to picking out her perfect gift.

The Music Lover

Chances are your music lover will already have all the music they enjoy downloaded to their phone or MP3 player, so what else can you get for them? Being able to show off to the world their love of music could be one way to give them a fantastic gift.

Recording their very own piece of music or a song is the perfect gift for a music lover and there are plenty of recording studios available up and down the country, like this one in Grantham. Make a day of the experience and treat them to a makeover before their recording session and they’ll soon feel like a superstar.


The Animal Lover

Visit any gift shop and you are likely to find n item with an animal on it. From cushions and handbags, to kitchen utensils and umbrellas – animals are everywhere. So, if you want to get an animal lover a gift that they won’t find just anywhere, how about adopting them an animal of their very own?

At WWF you can choose from a range of animals to adopt, including pandas, leopards, tigers, gorillas and turtles, and each gift can be personalised to your recipient.


The Style Lover

Some women want a gift that oozes style and sophistication. It doesn’t have to have a colossal price tag (although sometimes that helps) but it should be personal. A quick shortcut to finding the right gift is knowing a bit about your recipient. Every month of the year has a birthstone associated with it, and everyone has a Zodiac sign as well. Knowing these simple facts can lead you to some truly amazing stylish gifts.

For example, the birthstone for May is emerald and this necklace from Beaverbrooks is stylish, sophisticated and includes a stunning emerald gem.

Emerald Necklace - Beaverbrook

The Travel Lover

Any jetsetter will tell you that travelling is a gift in itself and the adventure is what makes it special. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get them an amazing gift as well. Short of buying them a plane ticket, giving them the perfect travel accessory is the next best thing.

Stylish and versatile travel luggage is always a fabulous gift for someone on the move. Perhaps they love to take pictures of their adventures to share with their loved ones back home. If that’s the case then a new camera could be just what they’re looking for. Or if they prefer more of a challenge while they are away, you can buy them a language course so help them adapt better once they arrive at their destination.


The Family Lover

Some people love nothing more than to spend a special day with their loved ones. For these lovely people, you want a gift that speaks from the heart and lets them know how much you love and appreciate them.

A personalised gift is ideal for this personality type as it shows that you’ve put extra time and thought into your gift to ensure it speaks directly to them. A gift that they can display proudly and shows how well you know each other is a beautiful way to show the love you have for each other. This kitchen splashback can be personalised with favourite dishes, family recipes or restaurants that conjure up special memories you can share together.



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