Get Scrooged: How To Escape Christmas By Heading Abroad

BALI, INDONESIA - MARCH 08, 2017: Semarapura, Kertha Gosa Pavilion in Klungkung Palace, in Denpasar city in Indonesia

Get Scrooged: How To Escape Christmas By Heading Abroad

The North of Bali - Pemuteran. Aerial view from drone. Palm trees on an ocean coast and green hill
The North of Bali – Pemuteran. Aerial view from drone. Palm trees on an ocean coast and green hill

For the most part, Christmas is presented as a fairytale existence, one full of lights, presents, and wonder. But let’s also be honest: it can sometimes be a bit of a drag, and an expensive one at that. Having to muster up bags full of enthusiasm each year isn’t always the most fun, and what’s more is that it can seem unavoidable. But let’s rethink this. You have more power than you think to avoid Christmas; if you want, you can set sail for a new land and escape the season altogether. Below, we take a look at how you can do it.

Set the Ground Rules

You might have your heart set on doing something different this festive period, but don’t expect all of your friends and family to be on board with your decision. Have you ever seen Christmas With The Cranks? They had a terrible time when they told their friends they were skipping Christmas! Your experience won’t be that bad, but you’ll have to set some ground rules. You’ll be out of the festivities; no presents, no dinner, no anything. You’ll be in another country!

Picking Your Destination

And now to the fun part: where will you go? If you live somewhere that’s normally bitterly cold during December, then the temptation will be to go anywhere with a warmer climate. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, then you have the entire southern hemisphere as your potential playground; when it’s winter up north, it’s summer in the south. Perfect! These flights can be expensive, so look at no credit check loans if you need cash to book your seats. It’ll be Christmas day on the beach. Unusual? Yes. Fun? You better believe it!

Into Nature

Sometimes, it’s not the cold that makes us want to head away for the festive period. No, sometimes it’s the over-commercialization of the season that drives us away. If that’s the case, then you don’t need to go too far to have a different type of Christmas experience. You can just head into nature and simplify things. You can book a cabin in a beautiful, remote location near your home and take yourself – and your loved ones – away from the mania of shopping, Christmas songs, and stress. You’ll be having a day in the true Christmas spirit if you do things this way.

Alternative Christmas

It’s also possible that you’re not trying to escape Christmas altogether, but just America’s version of it. Even if you ordinarily love the season, it can be interesting to have a different experience from time to time by sampling how other countries spend their time during Christmas. Book a flight to Europe, and you’ll find that they’re just as enthusiastic about Christmas as we are in America, but everything will be so slightly different that it’ll feel like an entirely new experience.

Last Minute Escapes

Christmas is an inherently exciting time, is it not? If you want to keep a bit of mystery in the season, you can always leave things to the last minute and take your family away to whichever destination shows up as inexpensive. If you’re going to take this approach, don’t leave things to the very last minute; flights are always through the roof if you take this approach. Get everything booked in the two weeks before you plan to go away. Who knows where you’ll end up!

Pushing Yourself

If you’re determined to avoid Christmas altogether, then why not push yourself to have a once in a lifetime experience? Heading up into the Arctic Circle or deep into the Amazon will give you an experience you’ll never forget. Christmas can still be a little bit about giving gifts; just, in this case, the gift you’re giving is to yourself!

Reinvent the Festive Season

Finally, let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas. If you’re looking for something different to do, why not give back to those people who are in need? There are plenty of opportunities for you volunteer abroad and make a real difference to local communities. You’ll be reinventing what Christmas means to you and your family. There’ll be no gifts, no shiny lights, just the satisfaction of knowing you’ve provided a noble service to people in need.

There’s no one right way to spend Christmas. It comes down to what you need and want for you and your family. If you think this is the year to do something different, then take our advice and get out into the world. A traditional Christmas will always be there next year!



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