Get Kim Kardashian Skin

How to Get Kim Kardashian Skin

Everyone seems to be obsessed in Kim Kardashian these days and it’s not just her pert derriere that’s causing a stir. Women, girls and even men around the world are striving to find flawless skin these days. Even though Kim wears copious amounts of makeup her skin without makeup still looks wrinkle free. It could be Botox and fillers but she tweeted a picture a while back of her face covered in blood after a derma roller treatment. It sent twitter into overload, what was this treatment that caused such a buzz? We’ve heard loads about the derma roller on the grape vine, so I decided to try and test it for my lovely readers. With social media being the window into many celebs and stars lives we get insight like never before into how they look the way they do. So is this one of those amazing treatments on the path to flawless skin especially in the lead up to a wedding or special event?


What is the Derma Roller Treatment?

Micro-needling is performed using a roller with numerous tiny needles that penetrate the skin. The derma roller is passed over the skin causing tiny punctures in the skin creating controlled trauma. These punctures result in skin injury stimulating fibroblast action resulting in collagen production after a period of six weeks. 


So what conditions can be treated with the derma roller?

Mild to moderate Acne scarring
Fine lines and wrinkles / photo rejuvenation
Aged and sun damaged skin
Facial and décolleté lines
Stretch marks


I headed to my local salon, Salon 112 in Harlow, Essex to try and test this treatment. Putting my fears aside in a quest for wrinkle free skin I agreed to give it a go.

Stages of this treatment

Kate prepared my skin with Epionce cleanser, then anaesthetised my face with Emla anaesthetic which stayed on for approximately 30 minutes. The therapist then used the derma roller to lightly roll over my skin to see sensitivity, “At this point I realised how sensitive the treatment would be.” Naomi Isted, Beauty Columnist.


After a short wait she started the treatment. The skin is rollered in sections, 8 passes horizontally, vertically and diagonally with a 1.5mm derma roller. This ensures full coverage, the more punctures made to the skin the heightened trauma, the better the effects. After the derma roller treatment a suitable vitamin cocktail personally prescribed to the client is made up in a syringe. This is then applied to the skin using a no needle Fusion mesotherapy machine to push the product deeper into the skin and then a calming LED light is used to help reduce any inflammation. Finally a refrigerated Epionce Firming mask is applied to cool and soothe skin for 15 minutes.


“I am not going to lie it was incredibly painful. But because it was all over in about 15/ 20 minutes and Kate stopped and started for me, it was bearable. After the treatment Kate used creams to calm my skin.” Naomi Isted, Beauty Columnist.

“My skin was red for a short while after the treatment, the following days it goes a bit dry but immediately after the treatment the pain was completely gone and so was all the initial blood.” 


After the treatment  expect skin to be red and have oedema with almost a sunburnt look. It will be sensitive and tender for a few days. Sensitivity may continue for a few weeks after treatment whilst the skin is healing. At salon 112 all derma roller clients are given an Epionce skin care kit with every dermaroller treatment as part of their after care. This includes a gentle milky cleanser, barrier repair cream, and a cream SPF 50. They usually recommend having a course of 3 treatments every 6 weeks. Results will become apparent after 6 – 8weeks and prices start from £150 per treatment.


So if you are considering trying this for your wedding allow a good 18-20 weeks to start the course before your wedding day if you are going to go for 3 treatments.

Post treatment how is my skin? “I can honestly say after one treatment I feel like my skin is brighter every morning and I’m seeing less of the fine lines. I’m definitely going to have it again and again, especially as a natural alternative to reduce wrinkles instead of fillers and botox, even though it did really hurt.”


If you have any questions please comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts?

With thanks to Salon 112 in Harlow, Essex

Using Fusion Mesotherapy and Epionce products.

Naomi Isted
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