Get Crafty With These Unique DIY Interiors

Get Crafty With These Unique DIY Interiors

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Let’s face it: furnishing and decorating your home can be an expensive process. We all want a beautiful, stylish home we are proud to invite friends over to. But with so many other life essentials eating into our monthly budget – taking the kids out, clothes, travel, education etc – it can be pretty difficult to find the money to spend on our home. This poses a conundrum for many busy, working women and moms – do we stay living in a home that’s making us miserable, or sacrifice other aspects of our lives in order to have that Pinterest-worthy property? Well, the good thing is that you don’t actually have to resort to either of these things – not if you’re willing to get a little crafty anyway. If you can spare an afternoon to get re-acquainted with your sewing box, you can save money by actually creating your OWN home decor that’s completely unique to you.


It probably wasn’t until you started decorating your own property for the first time that you realised just how expensive rugs are! Even generally affordable high-street retailers tend to bump up the price of their rugs, meaning many of us simply go without. This isn’t so bad if you already have a good quality, fluffy carpet laid down in the majority of your household. But if your home instead features hardwood floors, various rooms can be prone to getting a little chilly without a rug. Thankfully, making your own has never been easier, and the options are endless. You can make a patchwork-style rug by simply sticking together old squares of carpet samples, or why not try your hand at making a rag rug?


So many of us underestimate the importance of dressing our windows correctly. If your home came with some pretty ugly blinds and you haven’t got rid of them yet, what are you waiting for? Dressing a window with curtains easily adds a more elegant, sophisticated look for your whole room. If you can’t see any in store that take your fancy, why not just buy your own curtain fabric and you can develop the design yourself? Don’t forget to make your own curtain ties too, so you can have the option of pulling them back to let in the morning sunlight.


There is something really special about having art in the home. Art, and other forms of decoration such as sculptures, really tell a story, and add character and background to a home. Bring your own family story to your property by getting handy with some artwork yourself. No, you don’t need to be naturally talented and it doesn’t need to look like Van Gogh! Just set yourself up with an easel and some paint and see what you can produce. You could even get your family involved and paint an abstract piece with all you favorite colours. It will make you smile every time you see it as you remember doing it together as a family, and plus – unless an art critic comes to your home, who will even be able to tell it’s your work?!

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