Funky Gadgets For The Modern Bedroom

Funky Gadgets For The Modern Bedroom

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Smart homes are all the rage right now. They’re going to transform the way we live and turn our homes from inanimate objects into interactive toys, something that we can play with as easily as we play with our smartphones. Amazon’s new Alexa is just the start – and that’s impressive as it is. Already homeowners can talk to their homes as if they are a person, asking them to do things like turn on the lights or put on their favorite music.

But gadgets are also making their way into the bedroom. We’ve seen everything from hi-tech night lights to funky new beds in a box. Let’s take a look at what’s out there.

Plasma Night Lights

Have you ever seen a plasma generator? It’s one of those things in museums where static electricity dances around on the inside of a giant glass orb. Well, now you can get the same effect for your bedroom night light. These so-called “plasma nightlights” create a similar, static electricity effect, emitting a beautiful light in the process. You can even put your finger on the bulb to feel the power (not literally, of course).

Bed In A Box

More and more people are looking for beds that are cheap and cheerful. Now, according to these reviews on, buying a budget bed in a box has become a reality. These beds first have all of the air taken out of them to make them small and compact, rather like when you vacuum pack clothes before going on vacation. They are then put into boxes and transported to customers, usually by courier. This saves both space and time, meaning that costs are lower. Once the beds are unwrapped, they quickly spring back to their normal size.

So if you don’t fancy going through the hassle of dragging an enormous new bed up a couple of flights of stairs to your bedroom, a bed in a box might be just the gadget you’re looking for.

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Slim Projector

Having a TV in your bedroom can look ugly. So why not go minimalist and use a projector instead? Right now companies like Sony are offering people bedroom projectors that allow them to project their TV or their streaming service onto their ceilings and walls. What’s more, the images are gigantic, and the projectors themselves only take up a tiny amount of space. Sony’s version sits on the floor and only needs to be placed a mere 7 inches from the wall you want to project onto. Neat, huh?

Mood Lighting

Elgato is a company that wants to change the way you light your bedroom at night. And to do so, they’ve gone to extreme lengths. The company’s lighting is designed to make your bedroom as colorful and as evocative as a midsummer sunset. It’s stunning – and, of course, very expensive.

Alarm Clocks That Know You’re Sleeping In

In the old days, alarms clocks used to be pretty dumb. All you had to do was switch them off, and they assumed you were out of bed. Not anymore. According to, Ramos has made an alarm clock that only stops ringing once you’re out of bed and standing up. Want to buy one?

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