Fund Your Fun on Your Travels

Fund Your Fun on Your Travels


Traveling is a dream for so many people, but the thing that gets in their way is money. They think or assume that they can’t afford to travel, so they give up on making their dream a reality. Even as they start to earn more money, they can convince themselves that they still don’t have the time or money to travel. And then other commitments can get in the way, meaning that the opportunities to travel might not be as frequent. If you want to travel the world, or even just your own country, it’s not going to happen if you keep waiting for the right time. You have to make it happen, which means finding the funds you need.

Coming Up with a Budget

There are different ways to travel, no matter where you want to go. While it’s more difficult to travel on a shoestring budget in some places and to find luxury accommodation in others, you usually have options. You can try to spend as little money as possible, or you can make sure you travel in comfort. Before you start traveling, you need to have an idea of how much it might cost you. Some people decide to set a largely arbitrary amount of money and then just travel until they only have enough left to get home. But others prefer to be more organized and have a more solid plan.

You can create a complete itinerary, or you could have looser plans for your travels. Whatever you decide to do, you need to do some research to work out how much money you’re likely to spend. Look up things like your accommodation options, the cost of food and transport, and how much you could spend on activities. You need at least a rough idea of how much you could end up spending. Don’t forget to include costs like new luggage or clothes you need for traveling.

Creating a Savings Plan

Once you have an idea of how much your travel plans might cost you, you can start saving. There are two ways you could create a plan to save toward your goal. The first thing you can do is set yourself a deadline for when you want to have reached your goal. By doing this, you can make sure you put aside a set amount each month that will get you to your goal. The second method you can use is to choose an amount you want to save each month, regardless of how long it might take you to reach your goal. This might be an easier choice if you can only save a small amount and still have enough left for your usual expenses.


Save More

With your current monthly budget, you might already have a small amount you can save after expenses. But if you want to save more of your money, you can find ways to spend less. Take a hard look at your finances to see if there are any ways you can cut your costs. If you really want to go traveling, it can be worth living extremely frugally for a while to try and save more money. Don’t go out so much, cut out those small indulgences and find any way you can to save. The more you can save, the faster you’ll be able to go on your travels.

Traveling for a Good Cause?

Are you aiming to do something meaningful on your travels? Maybe you intend to volunteer somewhere or partake in a fundraising challenge. If part or all of your travels are going to be for a good cause, it could help you raise the funds you need. If your travel is going to help people, animals or the environment, you might be able to get other people to help fund it. You could use crowdfunding sites or set up a fundraising page to get people to sponsor you. You can also consider doing various things to raise funds, especially if you’re going to travel with a group of people. Consider holding a bake sale or doing a fun run. Make sure you let everyone know which charity or organization you will be helping.

Working As You Travel

Some people decide to set off on their travels without having all the money they need in their pockets. Some money can get you started and working as you travel can help to keep you going. The best way to do this is often to get a working holiday visa or similar visa in the country of your choice. For example, you might choose to go to Australia or Canada. Many countries offer these types of visas so you can experience living and working there. Another option is to have remote work you can do wherever you go. If you decide you want to work while you travel, make sure you’re following the local laws.

Money in an Emergency

Even when you’re well-prepared, there are times when you have an emergency on your travels. You don’t have the money you need to get home, to get to your next destination, or perhaps to pay for a doctor. In an emergency, you need to have a way to get the money you need. Ideally, you have factored emergencies and unexpected expenses into your budget. But if you haven’t, you’re going to need to think of something else. For example, you can look at taking out a loan. When you need a fast loan, you can apply for one online and have the money you need in no time. But if you don’t want a proper loan, consider turning to family or friends to help you. Another option is to use your bank account overdraft if you have one.

Passive Income

Working as you travel is all very well, but how much time does it leave you to explore? You can spend all your time working when you’re at home. Another option to have income while you travel is to have passive income streams set up. There are various ways of having passive income, from real estate investments to blogging. If you want a passive income stream to fund your travels, you’ll have to start setting it up long before you go traveling. You need to experiment and see what works for you before you go.

Put Away Windfalls

Whenever you receive unexpected cash, it’s tempting to spend it right away. It might not be that much money, so perhaps you don’t see the point in saving it. But if you put it toward your travels, it will take less time to save for it. If you’re due a tax refund or maybe an insurance settlement or compensation money, don’t spend it. Instead, save or even invest it so that you can use it to fund your travels.

Work Seasonally

One of the biggest obstacles for traveling, especially for a long time, is your job. You have a commitment and taking more than a week or two off can be difficult. If you leave your job, you can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to find another when you get home. One way to combat this is to work seasonal and temporary jobs instead of getting permanent employment. There are lots of jobs that are needed more in summer or winter, from holiday retail jobs to fruit picking. Some even come with accommodation. You can work hard during one season and put money away, then go traveling when the work dries up.

There are many ways you can fund your travels, both before you leave and while you’re traveling. Don’t put off your dreams because you think they’re too hard to achieve.

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