Four Essential Springtime Home Repairs


If you are ready for spring to have sprung, then you might want to get your home organized and decluttered in an effort to give it a spring clean. It is a good time to sort through your things and give your home some love after a rough winter. However, there are some projects that must take priority. Checking your home thoroughly at least twice a year, once at springtime and once just before fall, can be a good way to keep on top of things and to avoid too much damage. Plus, after winter it is good to have them checked out or repaired, as it will not only save you some money, but is likely to make your home a safer place to be.

This is not an exhaustive list, but there are several things that you can be looking at now that it is springtime, to keep your house running well, as well as making it safe, and keeping costs down.


The gutters on our home play a vital part in keeping our home well maintained. They keep the water flow steady, which helps to avoid leaks and flooding into the house. But after fall and winter, leaves can clog up the gutters, especially if it has been cold and the water in the gutters freezes. This can lead to cracks and damage in the gutter, and potential flooding and leaks. So check your guttering for damage, and repair if needed.

Service Your Boiler

After a cold winter, your boiler is going to have had plenty of use. So it is a good idea to get it checked and repaired if needed, which is why having it serviced can be a good idea. If it is old, then it could be worth getting it replaced if it is on its last legs. That being said, they can be costly to repair, so it might not be on the top of your agenda. However, with the help of sites like, you could get a new boiler sooner than you think. First thing is first, though; get it serviced if it has been a while to see what condition it is on and how much life it has got in it.

Check The Roof

After the winter months, having your roof checked is a really good idea. According to it is a good idea to check the roof as shingles and tiles could have come loose, and there could be some frost damage where water has frozen under a loose tile, for example. So if you don’t have the equipment to do so, get in a well-rated professional to check it out for you.

Improve Home Security

It can be a good idea to check the security of your home around this time of year too. Things like the battery on your smoke alarm is a good idea, as well as other home security like burglar alarms and deadbolts. The evenings are getting lighter, but it still pays to be vigilant with your security.

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