Focus Your Interior Design Efforts on These Most Important Rooms in the House

Focus Your Interior Design Efforts on These Most Important Rooms in the House


Many of us wish we had the time or the money to constantly refresh and redesign our homes. Realistically, that’s not going to happen for most of us. Even with the best intentions we end up only being able to focus on one or two key rooms. However, how do you know which areas of the house need the most work? If you can put all of your attention into just a few important rooms, the rest won’t matter. Which means your home can look fabulous on a budget. Here are the four rooms you should be focusing your interior design efforts on.



It seems to be the most important room in the house for most people. When buying a new property, which is the one area you are swayed by the most? I’m willing to bet money on it being the kitchen. It’s where you’re going to cook, where you may eat, and where people socialise. A stunning kitchen can make the rest of the home seem pretty darn good, too. It’s an excellent idea to come up with a particular theme or trend, to focus the kitchen in that direction. You’ll then find that the rest of the house seems to follow suit. You could go for a shabby chic country cottage feel. Or, a modern minimalist vibe. Whatever you decide, make the kitchen your number one interior design priority.


You may find this a strange addition, but it’s an important one. When you have guests over to your house this is one of the rooms they’re going to see. Unless they’re nosing around your bedroom! It’s also the optimum place for you to rest and relax. In fact, there are 100 awesome things you can do in the bathroom. Meaning it’s a crucial part of the home and should be handled as such. An old bathroom can make you feel less relaxed and more on edge. Make sure that it’s up to date and the perfect place for pampering.

Entrance Hall

They say first impressions count! That’s why your entrance hall should be a key area of the home to focus your attention on. If your front door opens up into your living room, then this is where you should work on instead. There are so many incredible ways of livening up a dull entrance hall. You’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest. From hiding your shoes in hamper baskets through to hanging a bicycle on the wall! As long as it wows as soon as people walk in the door, you’re onto a winner.



Okay, so I know it’s not technically a room in the house. However, a garden done right will become an extension of your inside space. If you create the right vibe then you’ll end up using your garden more than your living room. As long as the weather permits, of course. This means plenty of garden furniture, pretty paving, and a well manicured lawn. Invest in some landscape design services if you don’t have green thumbs. A beautiful garden will quickly become your favourite part of the house.

Four key areas, four different ideas. Which one will you be focusing your attention on first of all? I bet you’re surprised that there was no mention of lounges or bedrooms! Although if you’ve got the time and the money, go for it!

Naomi Isted
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