Five 5-Star Destinations For 5-Star Weddings

Five 5-Star Destinations For 5-Star Weddings


All a girl wants is a fabulous wedding. Is that really too much to ask?

As little girls, I’m sure every woman dreamed of a fairy tale wedding fit for a princess. And there’s no reason why you can’t have that! If you are all set on organizing a 5-star wedding for you and your fiance, you need to start thinking about getting married abroad. There are so many tropical locations out there that will help you create a fantastic day full of style and glamor. If you get it right, your wedding will look like it should have appeared on the pages of a glossy magazine!

Tempted by this idea of getting married abroad? These are the best wedding locations that are worth traveling to.


If you want to get married in paradise, then book your plane tickets to Fiji. The country is made up of 332 small islands so you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an island, but whichever you choose will certainly be a great fit for a wedding! If you want a truly unforgettable wedding, visit the Tokoriki Island Resort, which has recently been voted the world’s most romantic hotel!


Mexico is known for its Los Cabos weddings, located right at the country’s southernmost tip. Los Cabos is a small town set in a beautiful landscape and offers plenty of beaches where your wedding guests will be able to soak up all the sun’s rays. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone busy when you aren’t getting married, from fishing to golf.

The Amalfi Coast

When people think about romantic wedding destinations, they often instantly conjure up images of remote islands. However, it’s also worth considering Italy as it is considered to be one of Europe’s most beautiful countries! And there is no better setting for an Italian wedding than on the Amalfi Coast. There are lots of gorgeous 18th-century villas along the coast, some of which can be hired for wedding receptions.


Another European gem for weddings is Croatia. It might not be the best-known spot for weddings just yet, but its popularity amongst couples is growing year on year. If you like the idea of getting married surrounded by history, then book your ceremony in the old town of Dubrovnik. The country has a large coastline, so there are lots of beaches where you can take your wedding pictures!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka often tops the polls as one of the world’s top wedding destinations, and once you arrive, you will see exactly why that is! There are lots of wedding hotels which have everything under one roof for couples and their guests. They also feature lots of deluxe facilities and amenities such as spas and fine-dining restaurants. Once the wedding’s over, you and your wedding party can go for a leisurely stroll through the country’s famous palm gardens.

So, where do you think you will jet off to for your wedding? I’d love to hear about your wedding plans!

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