Find Out What Food & Drink Is Bad For Your Health

Find Out What Food & Drink Is Bad For Your Health


Do you want to live a healthier life? Then it makes sense to know what food & drink is bad for you. Check out the list below:


Surprise, surprise, the first thing on my list is alcohol. Yes, drinking alcohol beverages can be extremely bad for your health. What makes it so bad is that it can affect your body in numerous ways. At the extreme end of the scale, you can become addicted to alcohol. This will end up potentially ruining your life unless you get to an alcohol rehab centre quickly. Like any addiction, alcohol will alter your mind and cause many mental health issues. But, it can also lead to severe weight gain, especially when consumed regularly. And, it doesn’t end there, folks! Drinking too much booze can also increase your risk of getting many health problems. People that drink lots of alcohol are in danger of getting liver illnesses as well as heart disease. As you can see, it’s best you stayed away from drinking too much alcohol.

Fast Food

Coming in at number two on my list is fast food. If you don’t know what fast food is, then that’s probably a good thing! It means you’re not eating it, which is good for your body. Fast food is awful for our health because there’re so many bad things in it. Restaurants that serve this type of food will typically use lots of oil. This leaves the food feeling greasy and can be horrible for cholesterol levels. Also, fast food is very calorific. So, eat a lot of it and you’ll end up becoming overweight, fast. It’s no secret that the rising obesity rates are directly linked to the growing number of fast food chains in America. As if things weren’t bad enough, eating lots of greasy fast food will also be bad for your heart. If you eat a lot of this food, you’ll have a severe risk of heart disease and heart attack.

Soft Drinks

A lot of you reading this will probably be up in arms and throwing your laptops on the floor right now. Sadly, your beloved drinks like Coca Cola, Fanta and Dr Pepper, are all bad for you. The regular versions of these drinks are high in sugar, which is not very good at all. They can cause tooth decay, and having healthy teeth is important to your overall health. Drinking things with too much sugar in can also lead to diseases like diabetes. Diabetes is something that you can’t cure, and you’ll be stuck with throughout your life. They do release diet versions of these drinks, and ones that claim to have zero sugar. However, they usually substitute sugar for artificial sweeteners which are also bad. Plus, you get no nutritional benefit from drinking soft drinks. They have no vitamins or nutrients in them. You’re far better off drinking natural fruit juice if you want a sweet drink.

After reading this, you now know three types of food and drink that are bad for your health. If you want to remain healthy, I recommend you stay clear from these things. If you must have them, make sure it’s in moderation.

Naomi Isted
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