How to Find an Experienced Medical Negligence Solicitor

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How to Find an Experienced Medical Negligence Solicitor

Being a victim of medical malpractice UK does not have to be a scary experience. There is help and the process itself is not something which, despite how the tabloids have painted it, is as daunting as is seems. Sadly, out of the 281,440 doctors registered on the LRMP, and many hundreds and thousands clinical practitioners to add to that number, there is a £1.5bn medical negligence price tag in the UK medical world. Out of all the victims, you could be one, or already are.

This time could seem frightening and lonely and filled with an array of unsettling feelings and emotions. You are not alone. The UK has some of the best medical negligence claims UK solicitors in the world and the process can be a step by step forward to a compensation, which will ensure that you are not left stranded or unable to take care of your family. Here are three easy steps to finding the right medical negligence lawyers when and if you become a victim of medical malpractice:

Step 1 – Making Contact

The most important step, especially due to your emotional closeness to the incident where you have felt that you have been a victim, is to make contact with solicitors such as The Medical Negligence Experts, as they offer free consultations. You can rest assured that your case, however big or small or even seemingly insignificant, will be handled with the greatest care and most experienced medical negligence claim solicitors in the field today. Do not worry about the legal costs, as the best medical negligence solicitors work under a ‘No Win, No fee’ Principle.

Step 2 – Follow Advice

We all have our own inner lawyer who believes that when something has been done against us that we will fight it and we will win, regardless of what anyone else says. Sadly, many people who have fought the system have lost almost everything they own because they did not follow sound legal advice. Upon meeting your medical negligence lawyer, you will be given advice and your case will be thoroughly scanned to estimate its indefinite success rate.

If your case has a success rate below 60%, you will not find a medical negligence solicitor in the UK to present you or take your case further. Why? Because the law speaks loud and clear; the process involved is a rigid one. There is a mountain of paperwork to cover, tests to undergo and sometimes hundreds of highly qualified staff who must be employed to be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were indeed a victim of medical malpractice. No one likes to be a victim, especially not in a world where the complications can sometimes be lifelong. However, ensure that you follow the sound legal advice that is given to you and try not to take the law into your own hands.

Step 3 – Patience is Indeed a Virtue

If your case is taken, compensation will be available. However, do not expect your case to be handled before the 12 – 18 month waiting period. Above and beyond the initial ‘case-building’ time, if you are advised not to settle just yet, make sure that you don’t. The compensation settlement has a fine print of ‘full and final’ on the bottom, and more often than not, cases are settled by guilty medical practitioners out of court and as fast as possible, with as little damage to their reputation as possible.

In severe cases, such as the multiple fatality cases against a Doctor Prashen Pillay during the years 2010 and 2014, after incorrectly dosing patients with milligram instead of microgram doses, the doctor was permanently sacked. In such severe incidents, there is no choice but to rid the country of negligence once and for all. Sadly, it still takes death to be able to avoid further incidents before a doctor is completely scrapped from the role. However, if all the patient is concerned about is compensation and not the removal of the doctor in question, then all that will happen is a slap on the wrists and the victim will receive, in most cases, a more than adequate compensation payment for their ordeal.

The statistics show that the skyrocketing numbers of UK malpractice suits will double by the year 2023 and the knowledge that the UK is in the bottom sectors of medical malpractice in the world, is a frightening fact. However, if you find yourself in this situation, make sure to follow the legal advice given by medical negligence solicitors and remember not to settle too early. Everything will come in time and the UK does have one of the fairest laws covering and protecting patients than anywhere else in the world, so rest assured that you will be in good hands and that your case will be treated with the utmost respect and care, regardless of its nature of possible compensation.

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