Feeling Inspired: How to Introduce More Art Into Your Home Decor

 Feeling Inspired: How to Introduce More Art Into Your Home Decor


When we design our houses, many of us like to put in the extra effort and work on the decor. After all, if you’ve spent so much time building up a house and furnishing it with the latest and greatest items, then it makes sense to put an equal amount of work into the decor.

But as we plan the decor, very few of us remember that we can introduce pieces of artwork into our homes to give us inspiration, to motivate us, or to just look fantastic and turn heads when our guests come to visit. Regardless of what type of room you plan to furnish or makeover, here are some tips on how you can introduce more pieces of art into your home decor.

Pictures and frames

If you have lots of pictures or photos that you want to frame, then you can purchase some designer photo frames that look stylish enough to fit into any modern decor arrangement. Frame your favourite photographs, licenses and awards, or even your children’s favourite drawings. There is plenty of selection and you’ll be able to find frames that suit almost any need. For example, a child’s room could be complemented by frames with bright colours and unique characters.

Artwork Prints

There are many framed prints for sale on various art websites. While it can be difficult trying to pick something that fits your room, there are hundreds of collections to browse through and you can even contact the sellers to ask for advice on what kind of pictures could suit your room. If you wanted, you could also get your own images printed and framed on your wall to add a personalised touch to your room. For a children’s room, you could have comic prints or pictures of their favourite cartoon characters, and for a more modern adult room, you could have modern art pieces and landscape paintings.

Memorabilia and Trinkets

There are many different figures and trinkets that you could display in beautiful, sturdy glass cases or simply place onto your shelf. Trinkets could include family items that have been passed down such as pocket watches and rings, jewellery that you don’t want to wear in public in case it gets stolen, or souvenirs that you’ve brought home from around the world. You could also buy special collections of porcelain figurines and toys. These highly sought after collector’s items will make a lovely display that will interest your guests and lift your mood.

Special Plant Pots

Pieces of art don’t have to be figurines or framed pictures. In fact, art can also be sculptures or pottery. You can find many designer plant pots that range from jar designs to upside down planters. If you’re a keen gardener then you’ll love the idea of showing off your favourite plants that you’ve personally grown. You can display them around the house in beautiful and stylish modern plant pots, unique and whacky pots that hang from the ceiling, or even humble basket-shaped planters to line the entrance to your home.

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