Fantastic Tips For Creating And Sending Out Your Wedding Invitations

 Fantastic Tips For Creating And Sending Out Your Wedding Invitations


One of the most important aspects of your big day is your wedding invitations. They give your wedding guests valuable information and offer some insight into the look and feel of the wedding you are aiming to create. But in amongst all the planning and excitement, these important documents can often get overlooked and left until the last minute. Which can often lead to misspellings and lack of guests be able to attend. To make sure your wedding invitations look amazing and get sent out at the right time, here are some fantastic tips you can use.

Plan ahead

Getting your invites created and sent out will require plenty of time and should be a priority. It’s vital that you plan in advance. Ideally, you will need to send your invites out, at least, ten weeks before your wedding day. This gives your guests ample time to receive and respond. On top of that, you also need to add in print, design and making time for your invites. Regardless of whether you’re making your invites or having them printed, you need to allow at least eight weeks to complete this process. This will ensure you get a final design that looks beautiful, has all the right information and perfectly reflects your big day. Also consider how long it will take to add addresses, seal envelopes and post your invitations. It will probably take longer than you think, so set yourself a deadline and stick to it.

Carefully consider the design

The design of your invitations will provide an initial glimpse of what your big day is going to be like. But an overcomplicated design, dark colours and small text can make it difficult for your guests to read. There is little point to an invitation if nobody can read all the relevant information regarding venue addresses and dates. So consider simple invitation designs and use a clear font that is easily readable. Remember that less is always more and can often make a much bigger impact than over extravagant styles. For instance, take a look at these laser cut invitations for weddings for designs that are simple but effective.

Check your guest list

Before you start ordering or creating your invitations, always check your guest list. Go through every name on your list and determine if you are inviting any families or couples. There is no need for you to send an invite to every member of the same family and doing this can reduce your costs. Checking your guest list will also help you work out addresses, check postal fees and determine how many invites you need to make or order. It’s always wise to have some extras made, just in case you forget to ask someone or if an invite get’s lost in the post.

Creating and sending out your wedding invitations may seem nerve-wracking. But with these tips to help you, you’ll have accurate and beautiful looking invitations that all of your guests will love to receive. So start getting them sorted sooner rather than later and find a style that perfectly reflects your dream wedding style.

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  1. Useful tips! Thanks for sharing. I always create my own invites for all occasions in online. Especially i love video invitations, they are simple to create and also affordable. We can easily customize them with our own videos, images and messages.

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