Exciting Hen Party Ideas That Will Always Beat Out Brits Abroad

Exciting Hen Party Ideas That Will Always Beat Out Brits Abroad

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When you first get engaged, there’s often a lot that goes through your mind with regards to everything you have to get done. And there’s a lot. But, when it comes to your wedding planning, there are always a few things that stick out in your mind first. Alongside the venue, the date, and the dress, there’s always the hen party that you want to start planning. Whether you’re having a say in your own hen party, or you’re even planning one for a friend, you may be worried about having to go abroad in what has become modern fashion. So why not try something new that could be so much more your style?

Head To A Festival

First of all, you might like to think about heading to a music festival. If you like the idea of having a party environment, but without the brits abroad theme, festivals are the perfect place to host your hen party. Your hens can get all dressed up, you can have a few days together, and enjoy some drinks, dancing and a delightfully good time while listening to some of the world’s best music too.

Cozy Retreat

If you’re after a much more low key affair, you may be more interested in a cozy retreat, rather than something big and bold. So, if that sounds more like you, why not think about renting a cabin or a cottage and enjoying a peaceful retreat away. With lots of yummy food and drinks, and a log burning fire or jacuzzi in tow, you should be able to kick back and relax at your own speed, without feeling the pressure of going wild.

Karaoke Queens

Or maybe you’re more into cheese? If you fancy having a bit of a giggle over something silly, then you should definitely think about heading out for a night of karaoke carnage. You don’t have to head to a club and dance the night away just because it’s your hen party. Instead, you can head to a hen-party appropriate karaoke place and enjoy everything from a bit of Bewitched to some old school Whitney thrown in there too.

Paintball Then Pizza

Not really interested in the drinks and dancing side of the thing? Well, then why not forget the music altogether and go with something a little more action packed? If you love adrenaline and fancy doing something different, then a paintball hen party could be exactly what you need. Then, when the action is over, you can all kick back and chill out with some pizza in a rented place and even watch your favourite movies too.

Elegant Afternoon Tea

And finally, if you’re definitely more elegance than action, you may want something that is a little slower in pace and just your speed. For this, an afternoon tea would be perfect. So head to a stunning city like London and pick out an afternoon tea perfect for a hen do and enjoy the classy kind of bash that you’ve always had in mind.

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