Everything You Need To Know To Shred Fat Fast

Everything You Need To Know To Shred Fat Fast

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Shredding fat fast is possible, but you must be committed to the process. You also need to have a little knowledge about it first. After all, fat is not weight. You can’t just lose fat by eating low calorie meals and running everywhere. Doing things like that might make you smaller and weigh less, but it won’t give you a more ‘toned’ appearance. It won’t make your body shape more desireable! Losing fat will. So, how do you shred fat fast? Take a look…

Eat More Fats

What? Eat more fats to lose fat? Yep, you read that right! However, the fats must be healthy fats. This means seeds, nuts, nut butter, avocado, egg yolk, and other natural fats. Eating things like lard definitely won’t help you to shed fat. Make sure you’re getting lots of healthy fats in your diet.

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Eat Real Foods

Along with your healthy fats, you want to be eating real foods too. Not microwave foods, processed foods, or junk foods. Not even if they are marketed as a diet food. These foods are bad for us and should be eaten in moderation. Plus, a measly 100 calorie meal is going to leave you pretty hungry. This is why people on ‘diets’ overeat! When you eat natural foods, you’ll feel more satiated and you’ll be doing your body a world of good.

Track Your Foods

Tracking your foods might seem a bit much at first, so if you’re not used to eating healthily you might want to get that down first. However, knowing what you’re consuming is important. Not justs the calorie amount, but the amount of protein, fats, and carbs too. Although sweet potatoes are very healthy, for example, they are also a carb. Eating too much of it every day could hinder your fat loss. Working out what you should be eating on a macro calculator, reading up on macros and then learning to use an app like Myfitnesspal can work wonders.

Exercise Properly

If fat loss is your goal, you need to be exercising for fat loss. This means no silly long distance running, as this might burn calories but it also eats away at your muscle. It doesn’t burn fat! HIIT training is absolutely amazing for fat loss, and doesn’t take very long either. You can also do circuit training and lift weights. Having a workout with a high intensity and shorter time is better for fat loss.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Your body needs water to get rid of those toxins and flush out the fat. Drink 2-4 litres a day depending on your body type and exercise level. You can also drink green tea and black coffee. Try not to drink your calories!

Take The Right Supplements

Supplements won’t do the job alone. You can’t take a fat burner, eat a Mcdonalds and expect it all to be gravy. When you have the eating and exercise part down, you can then introduce supplements like the fda approved best garcinia cambogia brands. Then, you might find these supplements enhance your efforts.  

Take Measurements

Instead of weighing yourself to see results, measure. If you’re losing inches, you’re likely losing fat!

Have fun with it!

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