Essential Issues You Need To Be Aware Of Around Food and Money

Essential Issues You Need To Be Aware Of Around Food and Money

I love to save money wherever I can, but I also see a lot of people spend more than they need to on food in everyday life. Read on to find out the ways lots of people waste money on eating and, if your bank balance is looking a little thin on the ground, what you can do about it;

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Buying Food

It is essential for good physical and psychological health that we eat a varied and fresh diet. This includes starches, proteins and non-starchy vegetables. But unfortunately, this isn’t always the cheapest way to shop. It’s often easy to fill up the trolley with readymade items that you have coupons for than to head to the fruit and veg lane. But a healthy diet must include fresh foods too. So what can you do about it? Well, keep an eye out for coupons for fruit and vegetables. Even tinned veg is better for you than fries or mashed potatoes. Always try and balance your meal into four quarters, at least two quarter should be taken up with non-starchy veg like carrots, salad or green beans.

Eating Out

While we are lucky that in America, eating out is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the world. It can still add up to a lot if you eat out all of the time, and you have a family to feed.

Choose cheaper restaurants if you eat out regularly. You can check their menus and prices online before you go, so there won’t be any nasty surprises when you pay your bill.

Also, remember to get a doggy bag of the food that is left, Then you can get your full money’s worth as you can have it for in place of a meal the next day. Sarah Wilson has a lot to say on the advantages and legalities of doggy bags at

Also, eating out can be a bad investment in your health too. If you cook at home, you know that your kitchen and utensils are clean and hygienic. But when you eat out you are putting your trust in the restaurant staff to keep everything clean.

It is fairly common for people to suffer from episodes of food poisoning from eating out. Recovery from a food related disorder can cost you money, even though it wasn’t your fault. If this has befallen you research what steps to take next on at

Storing Food Wrong

The problem with fresh food is that they don’t start fresh if you are not storing them in the correct way. For example, did you realise that eggs, tomatoes and lemons should all be kept out of the refrigerator? This will make them last longer, so you won’t waste money on constantly replacing them.

It’s easy to waste money by throwing away rotten fruit and veg at the end of the week if it’s not eaten. But you are throwing your money away by doing this. Instead make leftover veg into soup for a filling, healthy and free lunch. Freeze fruit for healthy breakfast smoothies so it is not wasted.  

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