Emerging Design Talent: Q and A with Roxane Cassandre Europe Scudier

After filming backstage with the Blondie Media crew at Ravensbourne Graduate Fashion show June 2014, a few of the young designers work really caught my eye, one of whom lent me some of her amazing jewellery which she had also  designed.

Here’s a Q&A with up and coming designer Roxane Cassandre, discussing her style inspiration, her time at Ravensbourne and what she thinks about trends along with some images from her collection.

When and what cultivated your passion for fashion/design?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved fashion. When I was a child, we use to go shopping with my mum and grandmother. We would spend an entire day out going from shop to shop looking for exciting new garments.

What or who inspired you to study design/ fashion?
I remember clearly the day I knew I wanted to become a fashion designer. I was 8 and was watching a Dior catwalk show on television. Since that day I knew that I wanted to design clothes and it is John Galliano who inspired me to follow this path.

What are your hopes for the future?
My hopes are to find a design job that fills me with passion and helps me to gain new skills, new experiences, and the ability to travel and grow from it. My dream would be to start my own brand.

What inspired your collection for your graduate show?

Nuclear: A New Beginning’ draws inspiration, firstly, by contrasting two scenes – the nuclear bomb tests in Nevada in tandem with the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second world war – and the destruction in the aftermath. The former, being located in the United States during a flourishing era, conveys scientific discoveries and euphoria, whereas the latter epitomises a state of despair marked by the atrocity of war.
Secondly, the collection questions the possibility of a world – erased and destroyed by nuclear warfare – overrun by the very machines that brought about its demise, however, without their creators to program them.

What is your favourite material to work with?
It’s really hard to choose, but I can give you my top 3 : Fur, Leather and Duchess Satin.
Is there an area of fashion you would like to specialize in?

I love learning new skills, I would love to specialise in so many different areas but it is not really realistic. I am a luxury womenswear designer but I like designing accessories and jewellery.

What does fashion mean to you?
It is a way to express yourself. You can convey your personality by what you wear, it’s not always the case but most of the time you can tell who a person is by just looking at what they are wearing and how they are wearing it, you can also tell where they are from or where they live.

How would you summarise your own style in four words?
Gold – Outrageous – Chic – Statement

Which piece of clothing couldn’t you live without?
My “Cruella de Vil” faux fur coat

Do you think you follow trends?
I don’t follow trends, I have a very specific taste and I am too much in my own world to be aware of what’s “the thing of the moment”. I prefer to create my own trends.

Where do you like to shop?
I can’t remember the last time I went shopping, but I like to go to the Galleries Lafayette or shop in that area of Paris whenever I go back home.

Which outfit in your wardrobe makes you feel confident?
Any pair of high heels. The higher the better.

Which season do you feel more comfortable?
I absolutely love Winter, I think I own over 50 coats and jackets.


Who’s your style inspiration or icon?
My style icons would be Isabella Blow and Daphne Guinness.
Checkout this film at Ravensbourne, as you can see I’m wearing one of Roxanne’s jewelry designs:

Checkout Roxanne’s work :
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