Embroidered Fashion

I decided to take a trip to Oxford street this weekend (my retail therapy was overdue). I knew exactly what I wanted and where I would get it from. I was like a horse with blinkers on, nothing could stop me.

Embroidered Fashion is big this season, it’s everywhere, hence my short trip to the city – I say short as wherever I looked, my perfect item of clothing was in every part of my view, and everyone is wearing it. Back in February Anna Wintour was pictured in a desirable embroidered jacket for Paris Fashion Week and then there was Gigi Hadid wearing a cute little crafty number at the airport a few weeks back. From elegant floral patterns to completely wacky designs, this is one trend set to suit everyone, and with Fashion week fast approaching, I can confidently say embroidery will be all over the runways, as well as being shown off by many of fashion’s big names.

After trawling the stores, I can happily say my wardrobe is up-to-date, and if you find you’re lacking inspiration in this area, I have placed a few of my must-have embroidered items below, as this is one trend that you do not want to miss out on.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 22.30.35

Image source: Topshop

Chloe Rafferty
Having always loved everything to do with fashion and beauty, Chloe knew this was the career she wanted to pursue.She has recently moved to London to start an internship in Fashion & Lifestyle PR, giving her a vast knowledge of the industry. She enjoys writing in her spare time and recently started a personal blog. She also loves reading, staying fit, meeting new people and eating good food!

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